New self-nomination process for civilians

Diana Hendrix
Ramstein Civilian Personnel

***image1***Cutting the time it takes to get referrals to selecting officials, the Ramstein Civilian Personnel Flight recently changed its vacancy announcement process. Previously, position announcements opened on Friday for five workdays and generally closed the following Thursday. Ramstein Civilian Personnel Flight recently began the process of opening position announcements any day of the workweek for a minimum of five workdays to improve the civilian personnel referral cycle time.
The process of self-nominating and applying for civilian appropriated funds positions will remain the same. Current permanent, “internal” U.S. appropriated funds civilian employees must continue to self-nominate for specific Air Force positions posted on the Air Force Personnel Center, Civilian Personnel Operations Web site. This can be accomplished by accessing the headquarters AFPC Civilian Employment Home Page at resweb or the Interactive Voice Response System Job Line at 00-800-1997-2378 (from Europe). Locally available “external” candidates, including non-employed family members, temporary employees, Army and other federal agency U.S. civilian employees, non-appropriated funds and Army and Air Force Exchange Service employees will continue to apply for Ramstein-serviced announcements by submitting an application package at the Ramstein Civilian Personnel Flight Customer Service Counter, Bldg. 2120, Room 123.
As a reminder, AF internal civilian appropriated funds employees and any candidates applying for external positions at U.S. locations may register in Civilian Announcement Notification System. The system allows for an automatic job search based on criteria the individual Air Force civilian employee establishes for themselves.
By registering in CANS, people will no longer have to continually check for Air Force job vacancies. If there are any matches, an e-mail will be sent to individuals listing the job announcement number, description, pay plan, occupational series, grade, job location, closing date and the announcement for which self-nomination must be initiated if consideration is desired.
As a safeguard, however, people may wish to continue checking the AFPC/DPC job Web site on a weekly basis. Individuals may register in CANS by visiting https://ww2.afpc.randolph.
Another change recently implemented in an effort to improve the civilian personnel referral time is that many announcements will now indicate that they will be used for 90-days to fill subsequent “like” positions (same pay plan, series, grade, title, skill codes) at the base location.
For details, contact a servicing staffing specialist at 480-7055 or 06371-47-7055.