New trucks pick up bio containers in KMC

***image1******image2***Since Monday, new trucks pick up the bio-degradable cans in the Kaiserslautern County. They are called “side loaders.”
The modern trucks facilitate the physically hard work of the garbage men. They automatically grab the cans from the edge of the street with a grip arm and empty them into an opening on the driver’s side. The pulling of the containers doesn’t have to be done the hard way any longer.
To be able to grip the container the right way, it has to be placed on the edge of the street the right way. If it is not placed properly, the grip arm of the trash truck grasps at thin air or tips over the bio can. Now the support of residents is needed. It’s important that the bio containers find their right place right after taking them outside.
It must be placed with the opening side of the lid showing toward the street. The handle shows to the back.
It has to be placed close to the edge of the sidewalk or street in order for the grip arm to get it.
Obstacles such as parked vehicles, trees or poles don’t give the grip arm a chance. The bio container must be placed, free of obstacles, so it can be grasped.
During the first weeks picking up the bio cans with the new truck, there will be a second garbage man who will inform residents about the proper placing and answer questions. Stickers will be placed on the containers, which show the right direction to place it to. Also, flyers will be given out.
For more information, call the waste management office at 0631-7105-408.
(Courtesy of Kaiserslautern County administration office)