New vignettes keep you from paying high fines

Motorists traveling to Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia or the Czech Republic should have a valid vignette for 2012, said officials from the German automobile club ADAC. Anybody found with an old vignette risks having to pay a high fine.

The vehicle vignette for Austria for one year costs €77.80. The fee for a two-month vignette is €23.40 and a 10-day vignette costs €8.

Motorcyclists have to pay €31 for the one-year vignette, €11.70 for two months and €4.60 for the 10-day vignette.

Motorcyclists must place the vignette on a part of the motorcycle where it is visible but difficult to be removed.

In vehicles, the vignette must be placed on the inside of the windshield, for example on the left edge or behind the driving mirror. Motorists driving on the autobahn or a toll road without a vignette should expect to pay a fine of up to €3,000.

Only those who get caught without a vignette and are willing to pay an alternative toll of €120 remain exempt from punishment.

Motorists and motorcyclists who want to use the Swiss autobahns or speedways pay €33 for the one-year vignette. Without a valid vignette motorists have to pay a €170 fine.

The vignette price in Slovenia did not change. For vehicles up to 3.5 tons, prices are €95 for one year, €30 for one month and €15 for seven days.
The Czech Republic’s annual vignette for vehicles up to 3.5 tons costs €60.50, the vignette for one month costs €18 and the 10-day vignette costs €12.50.

Vignettes for Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic are available in every ADAC office or on the Internet at

(Courtesy of ADAC)