Newborn registration

All children born in Germany to U.S. parent(s) have the right to get a U.S. passport. To make an appointment to get a fee or no-fee passport, a consular report of birth of a U.S. citizen born abroad, or apply for the child’s social security number, call the Ramstein passport office at 480-2240 or 06371-47-2240. Customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

You’ll need to stop by the passport office in Bldg. 2106, Room 101, at least one day before the appointment to pick up a brochure on how to register your newborn. At that time they will point out what documents to bring to your appointment, costs, and give you an application for the child’s passport.
During the appointment, your child will be photographed, your documents will be screened, you’ll sign the child’s passport application in the presence of a passport agent, and a form will be prepared in order for your child to receive U.S. citizenship. The appointment takes about 20 minutes.

Parents are asked not to travel with newborns until the child’s passport is received. Average newborn passport processing time is eight to 10 weeks. (Courtesy of the 435th Mission Support Squadron)

KMC American Red Cross Mission
The KMC American Red Cross’s primary mission is as an emergency communication service that helps military members overseas and their families during a time of need.

The American Red Cross works with servicemembers and military authorities to verify emergency situations and pass that information to the servicemember command. This ensures that emergency leave decisions can be made fast and accurately.

This Armed Forces Emergency Service is a 24-hour service, available to all active-duty servicemembers, their immediate families, retirees, Department of Defense civilians and members of the National Guard or Reserves who have been called up to active-duty.

The American Red Cross also offers a variety of training programs and volunteer opportunities in first aid, CPR and babysitting. They also provide disaster relief services.The KMC American Red Cross does not collect blood. However, if an individual wants to donate blood, they can do so at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. 

The strength of the American Red Cross relies on its volunteers. If interested in volunteering or in any of the training programs, call 480-2171/5464 or e-mail (Courtesy of the KMC American Red Cross)