News from DODDS

Department of Defense Dependent Schools-Europe are re-registering and pre-registering students for the 2006-2007 school year.

Sponsors of children new to the DODDS-E system must register their children for the year ahead.

Sponsors of students who attended DODDS-E schools this school year must re-register their children. School registration is an annual requirement to determine continued eligibility for school enrollment.

Accurate and complete school enrollments assist DODDS-E in obtaining appropriate resources for the coming school year. It is crucial information for schools since funding and staffing authorizations are based on enrollment and enrollment projections.

School principals across Europe are working to ensure that the annual registration process is efficient and customer-friendly. Principals will advise parents and other sponsors through newsletters, e-mail and other communications about the date, location, and details of dedicated registration days or open houses.

The DODDS-E pre-registration Web site, for parents and sponsors is Instructions for creating a user ID and password as well as a downloadable user manual are on the site. Parents can update information, enter new students and print the standard registration forms.

Some schools request parents complete the online registration at the school; others ask them to do so off-site. School offices provide guidance and help.

Parents should check with their children’s school to learn about upcoming registration activities, which differ from school to school. Those unable to register their children during these dedicated times can still complete the registration paperwork at the school’s main office on a walk-in basis.