Ninja kid

***image1***Jakob Pugh, 7, is training to be the youngest black belt in the Karate Tech form, a style of karate created 10 years ago by Grand Master Jorge Ordonio, who instructs youth and adults at Ramstein Youth Center, Landstuhl Youth Services and Vogelweh Community Center. For more information, call those centers at  480-6444, 489-6142 and 489-7626, respectively.  Jakob will test for the black belt at 1 p.m. Aug. 11, at the Ramstein Youth Center. He recently talked with the KA.

Why did you want to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?
Because I like them and they are really cool.

Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle?
Leonardo because he has two swords and he is the leader of the turtles besides Master Splinter.

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

What do you like about karate?
Sparring and doing my forms.

What kind of training is required for a black belt?
A lot of training like learning and perfecting forms and doing weapon defense.

Who is your best friend?
Master Jorge.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A police officer.

What is your favorite self-defense move?
Flipping Master Jorge.

If the “Shredder,” – the Ninja
Turtles’ arch enemy – was here, what kind of kick would you land on him?
Flying side kick.

What do you do on the Karate Tech Demonstration Team?
I do my combination forms and I am on the escrima team.

How does martial arts training help you in school?
It teaches me self discipline, self control and self respect.

What advice do you have for other kids who love Ninja Turtles and want to try karate?
I would tell them to try it because it is really fun and you learn a lot of things.

What will you do after you get your black belt?
I am going to continue to do Karate Tech to try to get my second degree and keep helping Master Jorge with other students.

What would you like to accomplish by age 10?
I want to have my second degree (black belt) and I also want to finish fifth grade.