Northside chapel holds “side-splitting” retreat

Capt. Jennifer Lovett
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Belly rolls and thunderous laughs filled the Ramstein Northside Chapel as the Catholic parish wrapped up its parish retreat recently with approximately 1,100 people in attendance over five days.

The retreat was led by Jesse Manibusan, a singer-songwriter and humorist who visited the injured while he visited, and, understanding his audience, illustrated his message with thoughts on flying.

“The real art is how we pilot and navigate the unexciting details. Making small adjustments here and there, compensating for airspeed, air current, wind and chop.”

 “Somehow, he was able to get everyone who attended – from the very young to the senior citizens – to actively participate in his stories and songs,” said Lisa Hunke, parish coordinator.  “We laughed and we cried and laughed some more.  Jesse challenged us to embrace every single moment as a chance to grow.”

Mr. Manibusan held seminars and workshops for all aspects of the parish to include teen programs.

“Jesse brought the teens closer to God with humor,” said 13-year-old Ruben Garza.

 “He talked with the teens, rather than preach to them.”

During the finale, approximately 300 people sang and clapped and laughed for two hours.

And in his final message to the parish, Mr. Manibusan encouraged small details.  

“Keep talking to children, youth, and young adults….they’re desperate to be seen, heard, welcomed and empowered. Elders, they want the same.”