Northside Post Office operations move

Northside Post Office personnel are getting ready to move their operations from the current post office to Bldg. 1101, the old base exchange, located across the street from the 24-hour gas station on Ramstein.

The move, expected to begin Wednesday, is necessitated due to safety concerns; the current roof is under stress and there is a potential for collapse if stressed more.

What does this mean to the customers? Post office personnel are currently working on a plan for the move to include being able to still provide services to customers.

The move of all 10,500 mailboxes will cause the most inconvenience to customers because the mailboxes have to be pulled out of their current location and relocated to Bldg. 1101.

To help ensure a smooth process, the post office requests customers come in frequently and check their mail to ensure as much mail is delivered as possible prior to relocating operations.

By doing this, it will ensure you have your mail and it will aid the postal workers as they prepare to move all the mail on the shelves and out of each individual mail

box, then re-pitch it back in to the boxes so that you will be able to retrieve your mail.

Finance and customer service will also transfer to Bldg. 1101. This should be a seamless move to the customers, with the finance windows being closed for only one day.

This will allow the finance section to get situated and ensure the credit/debit lines are working properly.

Customers will have the option to mail packages during the closure by utilizing the Army Postal Finance sections, which are located on Landstuhl, Rhine Ordnance Barracks and Kleber Kaserne.

They will also be adding an additional finance clerk at the Kapaun Post Office.

Individuals who are looking for a volunteer opportunity are more than welcome to come to the Northside Post Office and help during the relocation.

Customers that have mailboxes at the Southside or Kapaun post offices will not be affected by this move. Signs and brochures will be posted throughout the post office to ensure all customers are aware. Stay tuned to and the Ramstein Facebook page for additional updates as the time line may shift.

For details, call the customer service desk at 480-7857 or 06371-47-7857.

(Courtesy of 86th Communications Squadron)