Nurse advice line provides timely help

Numbers to save:

In an emergency, you can reach the TRICARE Nurse Advice Line at the following numbers:
• 0800-825-1600
• 001-800-825-1600 (from cell phone)

For emergencies in which life, limb or eyesight are in danger, call:
• 112 (on base; for off-base emergencies, dial the same number and ask for an English-speaking dispatcher)
• 06371-47-112 (from cell phone)

It’s 2 a.m. and your three-year-old child has a funny rash and a fever that just hit 100 degrees – and is climbing. Who do worried parents call? They call the nurse, of course.

More specifically, people can now call the toll-free TRICARE Nurse Advice Line at 0800-825-1600. If calling from a cell phone, dial 001-800-825-1600; however, international rates will apply. The Nurse Advice Line gives TRICARE beneficiaries 24-hour-a-day access to professional nursing advice in order to answer medical questions and provide self-care suggestions.

According to Capt. Jennifer Theriault, TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration Flight Commander, “The Nurse Advice Line is a great service for our patients.”

Captain Theriault also stressed that the Nurse Advice Line is not intended for emergencies in which life, limb or eyesight are in danger. For on-base emergencies, call 112 or 06371-47-112 from a cell phone. If off-base, call 112 and request an English-speaking dispatcher.

The Nurse Advice Line also offers information on hundreds of health topics in its Audio Health Library and its nurses can even help patients manage chronic conditions such as diabetes or asthma.

“Everyone knows that health care issues do not follow a schedule,” said Captain Theriault. “Sometimes, you need to talk to someone in the middle of the night or on the weekend. The Nurse Advice Line fills that need for our patients. No matter when you need them, registered nurses are just a phone call away.” (Courtesy of the 435th Medical Support Squadron)