Off-base residents get rid of old paper recycling bins

***image1***The old grey paper recycling bins residents use off-base will be picked up starting Monday. Residents have to place them outside (with or without paper) by 6 a.m. on pick-up date. Then, the new blue recycling bins will be used.
Following is the pick-up schedule for the Kaiserslautern County:
Bruchmühlbach Union Community:
Feb. 24: Bruchmühlbach, Lambsborn and Vogelbach
March 9: Buchholz, Elschbach, Elschbacher-hof, Gerhardsbrunn, Langwieden, Martinshöhe, Miesau, Birkenhof and Schanzermühle
Enkenbach-Alsenborn Union Community:
Feb. 27: Enkenbach, Mehlingen, Eselsfürth, Fröhnerhof and Niedermehlingerhof
March 12: Alsenborn, Baalborn, Neuhemsbach and Sembach
Hochspeyer Union Community:
Wednesday: Hochspeyer and Fischbach.
March 3: Frankenstein and Waldleiningen
Kaiserslautern-Süd Union Community:
Feb. 25: Queidersbach
March 3: Langensohl, Stelzenberg and Trippstadt
March 10: Krickenbach, Linden and Schopp
Landstuhl Union Community:
Feb. 20: Kindsbach
Feb. 23: Bann and Oberarnbach
Feb. 25: Landstuhl-Stadt
Feb. 26: Hauptstuhl
March 8: Landstuhl-Atzel, Landstuhl-Melkerei and Mittelbrunn
Otterbach Union Community:
Thursday: Mehlbach
Feb. 20: Otterbach and Sambach
March 4: Brühlhof, Frankelbach, Hirschhorn, Katzweiler, Olsbrücken and Sulzbachtal
Otterberg Union Community:
Thursday: Heiligenmoschel, Heimkirchen, Morbach, Niederkirchen, Holbornerhof, Schallodenbach, Hahnbacherhof, Wickelhof, Schneckenhausen and Wörsbach
March 5: Otterberg and Drehenthalerhof
Ramstein-Miesenbach Union Community:
Monday: Ramstein
Feb. 26: Hütschenhausen, Katzenbach, Niedermohr and Spesbach
March 1: Kirchmohr, Miesenbach, Obermohr, Schrollbach, Steinwenden and Weltersbach
March 11: Kottweiler-Schwanden and Reuschbach
Weilerbach Union Community:
Tuesday: Mackenbach, Rodenbach and Schwedelbach
March 2: Erzenhausen, Pörrbach, Samuelshof and Weilerbach
March 4: Eulenbis
March 11: Albersbach, Fockenberg-Limbach, Kollweiler and Reichenbach-Steegen
(Information provided by the Kaiserslautern County waste management office)