Officials: Dogs must be registered

The union community administration offices of Ramstein-Miesenbach and Weilerbach ask all dog owners, including Americans, to register their dogs. Although NATO military members do not have to pay the German dog tax, they must register their dogs.

Weilerbach Union Community officials ask dog owners living in Erzenhausen, Eulenbis, Kollweiler, Mackenbach, Reichenbach-Steegen, Rodenbach, Schwedelbach and Weilerbach to register their animal at the “Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung,” or town hall. They should bring along their certificate of NATO Status of Forces Agreement. Dog owners moving into the community must register their dogs within two weeks of the move. Puppies must get registered three months after birth. New and stray dogs also must get registered within two weeks. The dog tax office is located in Room 205 of the town hall, Rummelstrasse 15 in Weilerbach. For details, call 06374-922210.

Dog owners living in Hütschenhausen, Niedermohr, Steinwenden and Ramstein-Miesenbach will receive, or already did receive, a dog assessment notice for 2011 with a dog tag. The dog tag will remain the property of the community as long as the dog lives there. The issue of dog tags serves controlling purposes and proves the dog is registered.

The dog tag is to be carried visibly by the dog outside the house or when leaving the property. Other items that look like the dog tag are not to be worn by the dog. An offence might result in a fine. If the tag gets lost, a substitute tag can be applied for and a handling fee will be charged.

Upon de-registration of the dog, the dog tag has to be turned in at the Union Community Administration in Ramstein-Miesenbach. Dog owners who do not turn in the tag will be fined.

Dogs must be registered within 14 days with the Union Community Administration in Ramstein-Miesenbach, Room 216, Am Neuen Markt 6. For details, call 06371-592-157.

(Courtesy of the union community administrations of Ramstein-Miesenbach and Weilerbach)