Ohmbachseefest set for mid-July

by Thomas Warner, Contributing writer
Courtesy photos by Thorsten Bruck, TOB events Ombachseefest
Courtesy photos by Thorsten Bruck, TOB events

When the constant cold weather sets in Germany around early November, it will perhaps be memories of this year’s Ohmbachseefest that carry people through to the next warm season.

With a setting at scenic Ohmbachsee, Ohmbach Lake, and lots of activities already planned for this year’s blowout July 18 to 20, the annual event at the lake west of Ramstein is certain to attract many from throughout Germany.

There will be nearby camping plus lots of food, music, outdoor activities and several surprise offerings that are going to pique people’s interests. The lake is located just outside the village of Schönenberg-Kübelberg, so people will be walking and biking from there or from nearby Greis and other villages near the lake.

“We have lots of people who live here year-round but this is something that draws people who stay here only temporarily too,” said Annika Zimmer, who works at the Campingpark Ohmbachsee adjacent to where the festival will take place.

The campers will likely be out in full force, but there are also two large hotels offering easy access to the festival. The Landgut-Jungfleisch Restaurant-Hotel is within a mile of Schonenberg-Kubelberg and there is Hotel Hochweismuhle in Bexbach. For information
about Hotel Hochweis-muhle, call 06826-8190. For information on the Landgut  Jungfleisch Res-taurant-Hotel, call 06373-4001.

On tap for the three-day affair will be 19 bands and three separate stages that all have a theme of their own. Dragon boat races in the daytime and late-night fireworks are also well worth waiting for, just as the signature parts known simply as “Seefest” by regular Ombachseefest visitors.

One of the music stages will feature bands with a funk, rap, soul sound, and another stage will feature basic rock ‘n roll groups.

“The third stage will have bands that play what’s known as German party music or the Mallorca sound,” said Thorsten Bruch, promotor of Seefest through his Tob-Events agency in Bexbach. “Some call it apres-ski music. The people like to sing along to the songs and it’s really popular here.”

Those who attend will need to decide whether to buy a one-day, two-day or weekend pass.

A ceremonial tapping of kegs of beer is set for July 18, to signify the start of the Seefest. Imbiss trucks, craft booths, food and beverage stands will also be set up to cater to people’s varying tastes. There will be crepes, steak, pizza, plus lots of adult and children drinks available.

The Ohmbachseefest has been happening for over 30 years after humble beginnings, but has grown into an anticipated event in this region not only for the good food that is presented, but also because of the music. Plenty of parking is available on streets as well as near to the lake. It’s a chance for people to come early or at any time of the day and get positive vibes regardless.

Zimmer said camping rates remain as they are all year, at about 22.90 Euro per person, per day. Those planning to attend can go online and check out hotel or other lodging rates in that area.

Festival-goers traditionally do not swim in the lake, which is lit up and decorated for the festival each year. For more information, visit www.seefest.de.

Courtesy photos by Thorsten Bruch, TOB events Ohmbachseefest
Courtesy photos by Thorsten Bruch, TOB events