Operation Cup of Love

***image1***Twelve-year-old Lauren Ewest, Kaiserslautern Middle School seventh-grader, started a project called, “Operation Cup of Love.” Over the Christmas holidays, she gathered her friends and they put together 500 styrofoam cups, each with a hot chocolate packet, candy, a candy cane and a letter written by a KMS student.

The students handed them out to patients at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, the Fisher Houses, dorms and the Ramstein passenger terminal.

Lauren was inspired after helping with Project Rudolph and after a flight she took with her family last summer to the United States. They were on a aeromedical evacuation flight filled with Soldiers coming back injured from the war.

“There was a man on the plane with his wife who was badly injured,” Lauren said. “Both legs were missing and I could see he was in pain. “

She wrote him a letter and drew him a picture.

“When I gave the letter and picture to him, he started to cry and he blew me a kiss,” Lauren said.

She wanted to do more, she thought. The “cups of love” were given to troops who were deployed, injured, and in the dorms for the holidays.

Lauren and her friends made cups of love for Valentine’s Day. They filled the cups with hot chocolate packets, candy hearts and Valentine candies.