ORE tests Ramstein readiness

Senior Airman Kerry Solan-Johnson
Kaiserslautern American

***image2***Airmen completed another step toward the 2006 operational readiness
inspection when they participated in the second in a series of
operational readiness exercises this week.

“We can see significant improvements from October’s exercise,” said
Col. Hank Sanders, who was wing commander at Base X. “These exercises
are a learning process and we are building on each one.”

The exercise, which tests Airmen’s ability to survive and operate in a
deployed location, tasked approximately 600 Airmen to execute a
humanitarian mission by moving 900 tons of cargo and 2,000
peacekeepers. The exercise mirrors recent taskings for Ramstein – a
mission that sent Airmen to Rwanda.

“Our exercises have real-world applications,” said Colonel Sanders. “We practice the way we play.”

Scenariois and inputs for this exercise were more detailed and complex,
according to Lt. Col. Lee-Ann Perkins, 435th ABW Inspections and
Readiness chief.

***image1***“The big focus for this exercise was the ability to survive and
operate,” said Colonel Perkins. “We know these Airmen know how to do
their job day-to-day, we want to know they can do it in a tough

A number of career fields participated in the week-long training, and
the players were tested by experienced evaluation team members.

“Our EET are the seasoned veterans of their career field who have done
this before,” said Colonel Sanders. “They shoulder a large portion of
whether the training is progressing, and in turn, the outcome.

Three exercises remain until the inspection in April. The next exercise is scheduled for January.