Our favorite amusement parks in Germany pt. 3

It’s the perfect time to take the family on a road trip to check out Germany’s amusement parks. From an afternoon spent with Shrek to an exuberating dive on a roller coaster, these fantasy worlds will satisfy thrill-seekers of all ages.

Serengeti Park photo by KELENY/Shutterstock.com

Theme Parks in Northern Germany


The Tolk amusement park, located in northern Germany, emerged in the 1960s as a fairy tale forest destination. The 74- acre park has more than the usual attractions such as rides, a petting zoo, playgrounds and barbeque grills. Park goers can also find life-sized dinosaurs; a railroad museum; a historical steam locomotive; a model of the city Kappeln; a mini medieval town of Schleswig and several collections of mushrooms, butterflies, insects, minerals, fossils and agricultural equipment.

Entry price is €19,50 per person and free for kids under 90 cm.


Hansa Park

The seasonal amusement park in Sierksdorf, on the Baltic Sea, was opened in 1977. Hansa is the fifth largest amusement park in Germany and attracts more than a million visitors each year.

Hansa’s grounds are divided into eleven different themed areas including the Medieval Fair, Pirate Land, Western Town, Adventure Land, Mexico and six others. Each area consists of rides and shows according to its theme.

The shows and events include a water circus with a sea lion, a children’s theater with a parrot, an open air theater (a comedy magic show, a children’s show, etc.), a laser show and a huge parade. Because why settle for one, when you can have all of it?

A popular ride for thrill lovers is the Flying Dutchman. In the shape of a pirate ship, this ride swings 80 feet into the air, back and forth, just like being on the rough seas of the world. Children can buckle up on Odin’s Travels through the Sky as it glides back and forth and bounces up and down.

Entry prices are €26 for ages 4-14, €32 for ages 15 and older, and free for kids under 4.


Tier- und Freizeitpark Thüle

The animal and leisure park in Thüle, northern Germany, has eight and half acres of wildlife and amusing attractions for the whole family. There are more than 500 animals from around the world as well as various rides and play equipment for the young and the young at heart.

The spacious and humanely designed outdoor enclosures are home to approximately 120 animal species. Most visitors adore the various species of monkeys. Audible and visual highlights at the park are the pink flamingos, red ibises, herons, ibis, egrets and many others. Not to be missed are the South American Humboldt penguins, Sumatran tigers, lions, hippos, camels, Bengals and kangaroos, just to name a few.

The little ones will have a wonderful day on various rides and play equipment such as swing boats, slides, tractor trains, roller coasters, carousels, trampolines and an array of others.

Entry prices are €13 for kids ages 3-13 and €15 for those older than 15.


Heide Park

Heide Park is located in Soltau, Germany, about one hour outside of Hannover. Consisting of 210 acres, Heide Park is one of the biggest amusement parks in the country.

The park is divided into five areas: the lower Saxony-style buildings, The Pirate Land, Transylvania (a medieval-style castle surrounded by a forest); the Land of the Forgotten (with the park’s award winning wooden roller coaster); and the Wild West.

Heide Park has 40 rides which target families but its thrill rides are also very popular. One of the most highlighted rides is the Colossos, a wooden roller coaster, which is the second steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. The Flug der Dämonen (Flight of the Demons) ride is Germany’s first wing coaster. This steel roller coaster reaches a maximum of four Gs as pairs of riders sit on either side of the roller coaster track with nothing above or below. The Mountain Rafting is a fun family ride that simulates whitewater rafting.

Heide Park photo by Cesklo/Shutterstock.com

Some of the kiddie highlights include the Koggenfahre (a circular ride); the Lucky Land (a play area with gold digging, horse shoe throwing and more); Nostalgic Carousel; Screamie (a 40-foot tall mini drop tower); Sea Horse Bay (a paddle boat for kids); and more.

There are five shows available each day at Heide Park. They are the Ander of Mayan (a 25 minute show about the Mayan Indians); Gold of Port Royal (a 35 minute pirate show); Hello Spencer (a 20 minute children’s show based on a popular TV series); Puppet Comet (a 10 minute puppet show); and Madagaskar (a 30 minute show based on the movie).

If you are looking for a place to stay near the park, check out the Hotel Port Royal and the Holiday Camp. The hotel has 150 family rooms and 16 suites while the camp has 81 Caribbean-style wooden houses with a total of 536 beds.

The price for kids 4-11 is €34 and for ages 12 and over is €42. There is a discount in price when booking online.



Jaderparks in Jaderberg, which is in the northern part of Germany, is an animal and leisure park intended primarily for parents with children under the age of 12. The park has four themed areas: the zoo, the amusement park, the adventure park and the fun park.

The amusement park area covers 1.5 acres with kiddie rides, sports equipment, play equipment and two funny electronic theaters. One of the main attractions is the log flume, a fun water ride. Get a great view of the amusement park, hop on the Albatros (albatross), a self-propelled high lift which moves by using your muscle power when you pedal.

The zoo has more than 600 animals from around the world, including 35 species of mammals, over 70 species of birds, reptiles and fish. Observes can watch the antics of monkeys, lemurs, lions, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, pelicans, and many more.

Prices are €13,50 for kids ages 3-12 and €15,50 for those over  the age of 13.



The Serengeti Park, located between Bremen and Hannover, is an animal, safari and amusement park. The park has 1,500 wild animals from around the world that roam freely on 110 acres. Additionally, there are various recreational attractions, shows and games and more.

To observe the animals, visitors can travel by car or take a bus tour. The animal park is made up of 13 areas:

The American Prairie: elk, bison and llamas

The Savannah: elephants, giraffes, antelopes, wildebeests, flamingos and monkeys

Zulu Country: cheetahs, sable antelopes, South Africa Crowned Cranes

Europe: deer, goats, sheep, ducks, geese, miniature ducks and miniature ponies

Wallaby Land: emus and kangaroos

The Angola Country: gazelles and Arabian oryx

Lions: white lions

Tigers: white tigers

African Elephants

and others

The park also offers lively fun for the entire family with approximately forty attractions located  in one large area. Some of the fast paced rides are: White Water Log Ride, Dragon Carousel, the Swing Boat Ride, Breakdancer, 56 feet Free Fall Tower, the Kumba Twister, the Hanging Bridge, Condor and more. Not only are there kid-friendly rides, but there are also  playgrounds, slides, trampolines and a baby park.

Entry prices are €23 for kids 3-12 years old and €28 for adults. The Safari Bus Tour is €5.


Erse Park

Erse Park, near Hannover, is a nature and garden park with replicas of prehistoric animals (mammoths and dinosaurs) and a Neanderthal settlement. Additionally, the park has 40 exciting rides.

Take a journey by boat into the world of dinosaurs by visiting the Dinosaur Kingdom which is an open-air museum. Additional exhibitions also cover the evolution of elephants as well as the evolutionary history of man. To cool down on a hot summer day, board the Stone Age Canoe and prepare to get wet!

Little ones will have a wonderful time at the World of Kids, a child-friendly leisure facility. In the nostalgic forest your kids will be enchanted by the magical world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin. Young visitors also can take a cozy tour through the forest on one of the park’s tractors.


Potts Park

Located one hour west of Hannover in the town of Minden, Potts is a family friendly park that offers visitors a fun, creative and educational experience.

Adventure can be had on one of the various rides including the train, family coaster or the flume ride. Potts is the only amusement park in Germany that has a science center, which can get creative juices flowing while learning.

All visitors will be dazzled by the spectacular laser shows that are held daily. The park also offers six different incredible slides including one with a 60-degree tilt. The Jumping Pillow game promotes children’s motor skills and balance while providing weightless fun.

Several museums are located on the park grounds, including the scientific Museum Terra, which is filled with optical illusions and physical surprises. The museum also includes exhibits related to mechanics, acoustics, electrical, aerodynamics, mathematics and caloric theory.

Entry prices are €16,50 for ages 3-11, €18,50 for 12 and older and free for kids under 3.



Rasti Land is a medium-size amusement park in southern Lower Saxony. This family-owned park has 40 attractions specifically for families. The main attractions include rafting in the realm of T- Rex, a Rapid River, the train Blizzard and Dino World.

The park has roller coasters, water rides, free-fall rides, go karts, Jeep off-road tracks, bumper cars, and a western railway ride.

Entry prices are €18,50 for ages 3-11, €21,50 for 12 and older and free for kids under 3.


Remember to visit respective websites before you start your trip, as opening hours or prices may change based on current COVID-19 regulations.