Out with the old, in with the new

Edward Drescher
Airman 1st Class
Kaiserslautern American

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Spring has arrived in the KMC and the season won’t be the only thing that is changing. Projects that will bring new townhomes to Ramstein Air Base and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center are set to break ground this month.

On Landstuhl, three housing areas have been fenced off as construction crews get prepared to demolish old stairwell units and replace them with 38 new townhomes.

Tree-cutting is already underway and fixtures are starting to be removed from the stairwell units. This phase of the pro-ject is expected to last roughly a month before the crews can begin demolishing the old units.
After demolition, construction will begin on the townhomes. The total project is estimated to cost €10.6 million and as of now is estimated to be finished sometime in September.

The Ramstein townhome pro-ject is also underway. Sections of California Avenue, Texas Boulevard, Ohio Boulevard and all of Arizona Street will be closed off as buildings 816, 910, 911, 912, 913, 914 and 1005 are prepared to be demolished. These old stairwell units will be replaced with 44 new townhomes. This project is an €11.6 million project and is also estimated to be finished in September.

Occupants for the new homes will be decided using the rank specific waiting list that is currently held by the Vogelweh Housing Office. For more details on the waiting list, contact the housing office at 489-6643.