Baumholder Outdoor Recreation, Smith Barracks, Bldg. 816, 485-7182 or 06783-6-7182

London Express
May 17 to 19
Have a jolly good time in Merry Olde England when you take the London Express with Baumholder Outdoor Recreation! Immerse yourself in the world of the royals at the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Windsor Castle. Visit the British Museum, the National Gallery, Victoria and Albert’s, or Madame Tussauds. Snap that perfect panorama picture of Big Ben from the top of the London Eye. Visit the original Hard Rock Café and get a picture crossing Abbey Road, or get in some shopping on Oxford Street or Harrods. With a free e-travelguide downloaded from Army Libraries, you won’t have to worry about not finding something to do. You will even stay in London late enough to spend an evening at the theater, or enjoy dinner in a high class restaurant or specialized gastro-pub. This trip consistently sells out. Reserve your space with Baumholder Outdoor Recreation today! Cost: $149 per person

ATV – UTV Guided Tours
May 19
Taking an ATV-UTV tour is a great way to see scenery and have fun too. Riding with a guide who knows where to go can make the experience even better. We cater to whatever style of riding you want—from winding small back roads through scenic villages, Markets and countryside to relaxing nature rides along local rivers, castles to some of the greatest sites in the area! To operate ATV’s each person must complete an ATV online safety course (takes about 2.5 hrs) and have a valid USAREUR driver’s license. All driving will be done on hard top roads. No off road during ride. UTV Drivers are not required to take safety course. Cost: $75 per person (only one person per ATV) $125 (per UTV)

Scuba Certification Course
May 24 to 27
Want to get away from daily stresses and connect with nature? Want to test the boundaries of “where man is supposed to be”? Want to drift in the underwater and leave all your cares and worries on the shore? Then SCUBA is your answer! All of these things can be accomplished while drifting serenely through the water where the only sound you will hear is your own breathing. Open water divers course consists of 3 modules: Online training (including digital training kit), confined open water sessions, open water sessions. Upon completion of the course the students will receive: C-Card Open Water Diver Divers log Book. Cost: $479- Price reduction available for those that have taken the Intro to Scuba.

Amsterdam Express
May 25 to 26
Visit Amsterdam, the “Venice of the North”! With no set schedule or tour guide to follow, you are free to tour the Heineken Brewery, explore the notorious Red Light District, take a Canal Cruise, see the historic Anne Frank House, or view world famous artwork in museums like the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, or a satellite location of the Hermitage Museum. When you take a guided tour of Amsterdam, you lose out on the choices available to you in this vibrant city. But when you download a free e-travelguide from Army Libraries, you have your tour guide at your fingertips and can choose where to go and what to see. You will enjoy your day in Amsterdam when you travel with Baumholder Outdoor Recreation! Cost: Adults: $89 p.p. Children under 12: $49 p.c.

Outdoor Recreation, Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2905, 493-4117 or 0631-3406-4117. Mon. to Fri. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed on federal holidays. https://kaiserslautern.armymwr.com

Saar Overnight Bike Ride
May 18 to May 19
Bicycle 110 km from France to Konz through the Saar valley, one of the most attractive regions in Germany. On this 2 day bike ride through Saarland, you will pedal past many historic sights including the Saarbrücken Castle, the hexagonal fortress in Saarlouis and the Völklinger Ironworks, as well as famous scenery including the panoramic Saar Bend. Over 90 km of your route along mostly paved bike paths and trails will be comfortably car free. This one way ride is mostly flat, and suitable for younger riders with the endurance for long distance bicycling, and your hotel in Mettlach has a restaurant and will provide you with a hearty breakfast on Sunday morning as well. Don’t worry about carrying clothes and supplies either, a chase van will meet you at various points along your route and transport any unnecessary weight to the hotel for you, allowing your muscles to get the maximum performance. Cost: Adults: $149 per person; Single Occupancy: $199; Up to 2 children under 12 with 2 paid adults: $129 each

Major League Baseball in London —
New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox
June 27 to June 30
Be in the stands for a historic first when Major League Baseball steps up to the plate in London. The lead-off Major League Baseball series in Europe will take place this summer in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium Park, and a more exciting lineup could not be imagined. The greatest rivalry in professional sports, between the World Champion Boston Red Sox and their hated arch-rivals the New York Yankees is coming to London! In addition to your tickets to the game, your weekend in London will include an optional orientation tour upon arrival and 2 overnights to explore the city with. In London you can immerse yourself in the world of the royals at the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Windsor Castle. Visit the British Museum, the National Gallery, Victoria and Albert’s, or Madame Tussauds. Snap that perfect panorama picture of Big Ben from the top of the London Eye. Visit the original Hard Rock Café and get a picture crossing Abbey Road, or get in some shopping on Oxford Street or at Harrods.
General sale tickets to Major League Baseball in London have already sold out and seating on this travel package is limited. Don’t wait until seventh-inning stretch to reserve your space. Contact Kaiserslautern Outdoor Recreation today! Cost: Double Occupancy: $699 per person, Single Occupancy: $799, Children 3-11 with 2 paid adults: $599 p.c., Children under 3: $289

Ramstein Outdoor Recreation, KMC Center, Bldg. 3336, 480-5705 or 06371-47-5705. Mon. to Fri. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sat., Sun., holidays and training days 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. https://www.86fss.com/sports-and-recreation/outdoor-recreation

Skydive the Saar
May 11
Climb to a height of ~4000 meters above the border of Germany and France and the Saar River to experience human flight with a tandem jump! Flying is one of mankind’s most ancient dreams – and now you can live that dream! A tandem jump gives you a direct experience of the excitement during a free fall. The ascent, the jump, the speed during free fall, gliding under the canopy – it all creates a breathtaking experience beyond description. If you are at least 140 cm tall, at least 12 years of age, weigh less than 95 kilos, nothing stands between you and your tandem jump. Cost: $150, Ages: 12+ firm, weigh less than 95 kilos, minimum 140cm tall

Rock and Rappel: Cave Exploring
May 18
Back by popular demand, Outdoor Adventure Programs is headed into the darkness! Luxembourg is home to many unique rock formations in the Mullerthal Forest, and we will explore some of the lesser known underground areas. Explore multiple different caves including one with a rappel into the black! This trip is not for the faint of heart as we will be climbing, crawling, and sliding through the twilight zone alongside other creatures. Participants MUST bring own gloves, secure footwear and a light source they’re okay with getting muddy. Clothing must cover full body for warmth and protection from abrasion. Cost: $55, Ages: 18+

Mountain Biking: Foundations
May 19
This course will cover all the skills essential for you to enter the world of mountain biking. The morning begins with a technique workshop to familiarize riders with their bikes and teach the movement of true mountain biking. Next an ODR trip leader will guide you through a 14-kilometer section of forest beyond ruins, streams, lakes and even a castle. This course is designed for those with previous biking experience eager to explore the world of trail riding. All riding demands fitness and endurance. Cost: $35, Ages: 16+

Swiss Alps Adventure: Hut Hiking and Climbing
May 24 to 27
Spring blooms a bit later in the high mountains, but thanks to special arrangements with the mountain hut warden we have a unique opportunity to spend multiple nights in the high Swiss Alpine Club “Bergseehutte” before it opens to the general public! This hut is supplied exclusively by helicopter and on this special trip we’ll have the unique opportunity to watch the summer’s supplies get delivered by chopper. Days will be spent hiking, rock climbing (optional) and completing the famous “Crocodile” via ferrata above the hut. Inquire at ODR for more details about this exciting weekend in the mountains and more information about Switzerland’s mountain huts. Cost: $319, Ages: 14+ (note: communal lodging)

Zipline Elmstein
May 25
“Fly” through the forest on 18 steel cables from tree to tree! See the treetops from a perspective you will never forget. Some platforms include “jumps” into space before the line supports your weight. Must weigh between 35-120kg. If you are afraid of heights, ziplining is not for you. Zipline Elmstein is highly regarded in our area and is insured. Cost: $35, Ages: 12+, firm

Metz SUP
May 26
An ODR classic, the ever-popular Metz Stand up Paddleboard tour provides an amazing way to take in the sites of this beautiful French City. Glide across the canals of the Moselle River through the city center! We will start off outside the city then “commute” into downtown via waterways and canals. A small docking platform allows us to secure our craft and then wander the city streets in search of a sweet or savory lunch option. Perhaps a Royale with Cheese? Register early to ensure you snag a space! No previous SUP experience required, however water confidence, balance, and some physical endurance suggested. The winds can be unpredictable. Water shoes and modest swim attire suggested. Bring passport, euro for lunch, and a change of clothes for the ride home. Boards support up to 250lbs adult or adult/ child combo. Cost: $55, Ages: Unrestricted: young paddlers ride with parent