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Baumholder Outdoor Recreation, Smith Barracks, Bldg. 816, 485-7182 or 06783-6-7182

Berlin Express

Nov. 9-10

Cost: Adults: $99 p. p., children under 12: $69 p.p.

Visit Brandenburg Gate, explore Checkpoint Charlie, the remnants of the Berlin Wall, and the legacy of communist East Berlin. See the ruins of WWII, eat a currywurst, shop at the exclusive stores on Kurfürstendamm and Unter den Linden, visit Berlin Zoo, or check out the view of the once divided city from the top of the TV tower or the glass dome of the Reichstag! There is no set schedule or tour guide to follow on this express day trip, and you won’t need one when you download a free digital travel guidebook from Army Libraries. Explore all of Berlin’s options however you wish.


Stuttgart Zoo and Chocolate Factory

Nov. 23

Cost: Adults: $69 per person, Children under 17: $49

Spend the day at Wilhema Park, one of Germany’s best zoos, and end it with a walk through the Ritter Sport museum.

Today’s Wilhelma Park belongs to the historical heritage of Baden-Württemberg. The park has undergone a transition from being the purely private retreat of a king to become the zoological and botanical gardens of Stuttgart, with just over 2.1 million yearly visitors.

The Ritter museum is a “homage to the square”—to describe the Sammlung Marli Hoppe-Ritter. The collection consists of nearly 600 paintings, objects, sculptures and graphic works, a breadth of painterly and sculptural confrontation with the square form used as the design for the Ritter chocolate. Ritter’s factory is located in Waldenbuch, outside Stuttgart. They have shops and museums in Waldenbuch that are open to visitors. The museum provides children with an interactive environment where they are presented with the opportunity to learn about how chocolate is made at the factory.When you are finished, you can then treat yourself with a wide variety of chocolate from there Chocolate shop.


Kaiserslautern Outdoor Recreation, Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2905, 493-4117 or 0631-3406-4117. Mon. to Fri. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed on federal holidays. https://kaiserslautern.armymwr.com

Baltic Sea Christmas Markets Cruise

Dec. 12-17

Cost: The price for all new registrations will be based on air fare costs at time of registration, starting at $1299 per person.

Air Fare supplements may apply to all new registrations made on or after Oct. 23

Cruise the Baltic Sea and visit the maritime metropolises of Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn! On the Baltic Sea Christmas Markets Cruise, you will arrive each day in a new Baltic Sea capital. While the sun may be reluctant to rise, you will be ready to get off the boat and explore each of these cities and sample their unique holiday traditions and Christmas markets. Guided tours in Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn will familiarize you with each city and an overnight in each city will also provide you with free time for additional explorations or shopping. Sample a traditional Smörgåsbord in Stockholm, taste smoked elk and reindeer in Helsinki, and brave black pudding and beetroot salad in Tallinn.


Bavarian Christmas Market Shopping Spree

Dec. 21-22

Package Price: Adults: $199 per person; Single Occupancy: $269; Child under 12 sharing existing bedding with 2 paid adults: $129 p.p.

Shop ‘til you drop at four of the world’s most best known Christmas Markets, on one special trip.

In Salzburg, Austria, you will have the chance to shop at several Christmas Markets, ranging from the traditional market around the cathedral to the medieval market at Salzburg Fortress. Exploring the City of Mozart during this special time is a treat for all due to the wide variety of choices you have.  After a short drive to Munich, you will check into your hotel, within walking distance of the traditional and non-traditional markets in the Bavarian Capital.

After breakfast on Sunday, you will be whisked away to Nürnberg’s “Little Town of Wood and Cloth”, quite possibly the most famous Christmas Market in the world, a delightfully non-commercial Christmas shopper’s paradise where muzak and plastic are strictly verbotten. Don’t wrap up your shopping spree in Rothenburg, the German city most closely associated with Christmas, and home to both Kathe Wolfahrt and one of the oldest Christmas Markets in Germany until you have tried a “Rothenburg Snowball” and seen the intact medieval city walls.


Ramstein Outdoor Recreation, KMC Center, Bldg. 3336, 480-5705 or 06371-47-5705. Mon. to Fri. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sat., Sun., holidays and training days 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. https://www.86fss.com/sports-and-recreation/outdoor-recreation

Homburg Caves and Castle Hike

Nov. 16

Cost: $35, Ages: All ages

Travel through centuries of history by exploring the mysterious passageways of the Schossberhohlen. Originally constructed as escape tunnels for castle residents 400 years ago – the 3 miles of underground corridors have served several different purposes from the Rennaisance to World War II. After the tour we will explore the ruins of a medieval castle overlooking the city of Homburg with wonderful views. Wear warm clothing (the caves are 50 degrees year round), and bring a sack lunch or cash euro to purchase lunch on site.


Dungeons of Dahn Castle Hike

Nov. 17

Cost: $35, Age: All ages welcome

Get a glimpse of medieval life while visiting the Berwartstein’s dungeons, armories & torture chambers (tour fee included). Positioned on the unique sandstone cliffs of the Dahn region. Berwartstein was established in 1152 and previously occupied by the notorious and most dreaded robber Baron of his time. In addition to touring the castle and its grounds we will also spend a good portion of the day hiking around the lush, forested trails surrounding the castle. Pack a lunch, snacks and plenty of water for this fun day of exploration. There is a small café on the premises should you choose to have lunch there. This trip will go rain or shine so please wear or bring weather appropriate clothing.


Bernkastel Christmas Market + Hike

Nov. 23

Cost: $45, Age: All ages

Experience one of the first Christmas markets of the year in the famous old village of Bernkastel-Kuez. We will hike to the castle and through the enchanted forests for spectacular viewpoints prior to descending into the village center to experience this famous Christmas gathering on the banks of the Moselle River. Over 40 festively decorated booths wind through its historic medieval streets.


Ski Metz

Nov. 24

Cost: $45, Ages: All ages

Are your legs ready for Alps ski season? Neither are ours – join us for a trip to the indoor snowfield in Metz, France. Enjoy four hours access (included) to the indoor slopes to prepare yourself for the upcoming ski and snowboard season! Half price ski/snowboard equipment rental is available to participants during normal fitting hours (1 hour before store closes) for three days prior to trip departure. Half price rental not included in trip registration fee. NOTE: no rentals available from RODR on trip departure date. Bring cash euro for lunch at the restaurant on-site.