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Presswell’s Fish and Chips

Restaurant Review

A tasty, new treat has just made a home in Ramstein Village.

Presswell’s Quality Fish and Chips is a small, tidy shop where I happily indulged my gastronomic cravings. I love the fact that Presswell’s is family owned and operated.
All the fish is delivered fresh every other day from Hamburg, and they are never frozen.

With convienient hours, fresh fish and a location close to base, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The shop itself is clean and spare with a few tables to sit down and enjoy your meal.
You can call ahead for pick-up or walk in and carry-out.

Customers get the choice of haddock, cod or pangasius, and the colorful English menu explains the differences in fish. I found the prices on the menu to be very reasonable. Also, I like being able to watch my meal being prepared. It gave me confidence in the commitment to quality.

The batter the fish is fried in is thick, golden and has a faint sweetness. The portion sizes are generous and always include a wedge of lemon and fat potato fries.
I am partial to saying fries the English way: “chips.” And these chips are great! Dip them in a little tartar sauce and you have a true winner.

My husband and I were more than satisfied and could barely hold a conversation around bites of our delicious fish.

 The menu also features curries made to order, and I am very excited to try one next time. I’ll just add it to my regular order of fish and chips. Maybe I’ll get some mashy peas as well.

Presswell’s is definitely worth a try. It is my new favorite place to grab a quick and easy meal.