Paige’s Picks(Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” was based on a short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the 1920s.
David Fincher, who directed Brad Pitt previously in “Fight Club” and “Se7en,” guides this amazing cast to new heights.
“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is a sweeping drama spanning 80 years of a truly-remarkable life.
Benjamin Button is born with several aged diseases, forcing him to be born an old man and age backwards.As time passes, the viewer comes to understand that Benjamin’s body is getting younger as his mind progresses along from childhood to adulthood.  
Brad Pitt exhibits a quiet strength and true self-possession as Benjamin Button, a man who shows remarkable patience in the face of strange physical circumstances. He never seems to be upset that his body is weak, and he is full of wonder about life and others.
Cate Blanchett is pure perfection as Daisy, a ballet dancer and Benjamin’s life-long friend.
The other characters are vibrant and compelling. My favorite character is a man who gets hit by lightening seven times. It is impossible not to laugh as he tells Benjamin one story after the other about being hit by lightning.
There seems to be two main themes in this film. The first theme is you never know what’s coming for you, which Benjamin’s mother, Queenie, says from the start of the film and is true all the way to the end. The other theme is the power of truly enjoying life and being curious.  
“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” had sound reminders, powerful performances and a lovely soundtrack. It is well worth seeing.