Pedestrian, driver safety

Pedestrian, driver safety

To ensure everyone understands the rules governing pedestrian and vehicle safety in KMC base housing areas and traffic circles, the following are some reminders:

Housing areas

The stop and yield signs are being removed in Military Family Housing areas as the base standardizes traffic signage to German and European standards.  Removal of the signs follows the German and European “right before left” convention.

 “Attention/yield” stripes are also being painted on the roadways to comply with European traffic markings. Standardizing base traffic signage with local standards eliminates confusion for drivers and pedestrians, whether on or off base.

• If no signage is present, the driver to the left must yield to the driver at the right when two drivers enter an intersection simultaneously.

• Vehicles entering the intersection must drive at speeds that will allow them to respond to traffic and yield to the driver on the right. The maximum speed allowed in the housing areas is 30 kph or 19 mph.

Traffic circles without crosswalk markings

• Pedestrians have the right of way when crossing the vehicle exit lane of the traffic circle.

• Vehicles have the right of way when entering the traffic circle.

• Turn signals are not required when vehicles enter a traffic circle, but are required when exiting.

When drivers and pedestrians comply with these “rules of the road,” pedestrians and vehicle traffic alike will flow smoothly and we will all be safer.