Personal trainers offer help for lifestyle changes

Christine June
415th Base Support Battalion

***image1***There’s help for those who have decided that this is their summer to look and feel good. The 415th Base Support Battalion’s Sports and Fitness branch offers the Personal Trainer Program to help those in the KMC who want to make a lifestyle change.
“In the past years, we’ve had a demand here that our clients were looking for individual help,” said Gerd Backhaus, the 415th BSB civilian health and fitness programmer. “The personal trainer has the knowledge to work out a detailed plan for them and gives them hands-on training right on the spot.”
The program has four personal trainers who can tailor a fitness program to an individual’s wants and needs. Sessions are an hour, and the trainers recommend at least three sessions a week.
Joerg Keuper and Bobby Windley make up J&B Fitness. Keuper is a certified International Fitness Association trainer and has worked in physical therapy for more than four years. Windley is also IFA certified and is a member of the German National Body-Building Team since 1991.
An American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer, Jake Nuechterlein offers training programs for sports fitness, weight management and personal care.
The newest member of the 415th BSB program is Zoya Bohl who has 11 years experience as an aerobic and dance instructor. She has been working as a personal trainer with the 415th BSB for about four months, and she currently has 15 clients.
“I ask clients what they want to do, what they expect, and then I make a program just for them,” she said. “For each client, the fitness program is different because everyone is different with different goals.”
Her program includes floor exercises and working with weight machines, ropes, medicine balls, resistance bands and free weights.
“I explain to each client how to correctly and safely use the machines and free weights and the right way to do exercises,” said Bohl. “To me, the main reason to get a personal trainer is for safety and knowledge of fitness training.”
These personal trainers see most of their clients at the Rhine Ordnance Barracks Fitness Center, but they are willing to work with clients at the other 415th BSB fitness centers, said Michael Seibel, ROB Fitness Center facility manager.
To expand the program, the Sports and Fitness branch has invested in new machines and equipment at their four facilities at ROB, Kleber Kaserne, Miesau Army Depot and Landstuhl Army Medical Center.
Those interested in the 415th BSB Personal Trainer Program can call the ROB Fitness Center at 493-6241, or call the personal trainers. For J&B Fitness, call Keuper at 01791-13-3637 or Windley at 01798-20-2959. People can call Nuechterlein at 0631-71-9818 and Bohl at 0173-811-3094.