Personnelists trained for Personnel Services Delivery Transformation

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas –A team of personnel experts began visiting major commands Feb. 6 to train personnel specialists on the changes that will affect the way the Air Force does personnel business.

This new initiative called Personnel Services Delivery Transformation will use technology to place the capability for conducting routine personnel transactions into the hands of Airmen via Web-based services and contact centers.

“We have historically provided personnel services primarily through face-to-face contact, and we do it well,” said Lt. Gen. Roger Brady, deputy chief of staff, personnel.  “In the future, PSD will provide a new way of doing business … one that will become more efficient by moving transactional work to the Web or contact center.”

While PSD will transform personnel services across the total force spectrum, the visiting teams will train personnelists on some changes that affect active-duty Airmen and are scheduled to take affect March 31.

Several processes like retraining and retirements, currently worked through base level military personnel flights, will be self-initiated via the Web and centrally managed and processed at the Air Force Contact Center here.

“This training is the first step in changing the way we all think, even as personnelists, about the way we accomplish personnel transactions,” said Col. Michael Maloney, director of personnel services at the Air Force Personnel Center. “We’re training our personnel specialists first and giving them the opportunity to inform their customers.”
The training will cover how Airmen will use Web-based applications via the virtual MPF to apply for retraining and retirement and how the contact center will process these and other transactions.

With convenient and secure access from any Internet-ready computer or telephone around the globe, Airmen will avoid waiting in lines, save time and fit their personnel business into their own schedule.

“PSD will provide our Airmen the same convenient 24/7 on-demand access to information much like they have come to expect from on-line banking and internet commerce,” said Colonel Maloney.