Pfaelzer Waldpfad hiking trail — time to get out and about

Photo by Anna Nahabed /

Now that spring is peeking around the corner, it’s time to get out to exercise, don your hiking gear and experience nature at its best. Germany has spectacular rock formations, deeply incised valleys and pristine forest as far as the eye can see. The 143 kilometer-long Pfaelzer Waldpfad is the German Trekking Award Winner 2023 and to top it off, it starts near Kaiserslautern.

The Pfaelzer Waldpfad traverses the UNECSO Biosperic Reservation Pfaelzerwald/North Vogese (in France) in stages from Kaiserslautern to Schweigen-Rechtenbach along the Deutsche Weinstrasse (German Wine Road).

Full of untouched nature, impressing calmness and breathtaking sandstone rock formations, the Pfaelzer Waldpfad is a hiking trail to soak in energy. The 143 kilometer-long route inspires you to hike the trail with natural valleys and a unique forest nirvana.

At Johanniskreuz you can visit the Haus der Nachhaltigkeit (House of Sustainability), which holds exciting information regarding the forest, its inhabitants and all that it offers to people. The route leads further toward Rodalben, and with each new section there are remarkable new views of the forest.

Once at Dahner Felsenland the trail leads along bizarre sandstone rocks through a wildly romantic landscape and even a stretch through France. The trail ends at Schweigen-Reichenbach at the Deutsches Weintor (German wine gate) where it meets the Pfaelzer Weinsteig, another exciting hiking trail through vineyards.

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Be considerate of nature while you hike:

No fire or smoking: Open fires, grills and smoking are strictly forbidden in the forest! Forest fires and extreme damage to nature can only be avoided this way.

Be considerate of others along the way: Always be foresighted, friendly and considerate toward others that you encounter along the trail.

Protect Nature: Stay on marked paths, avoid unnecessary noise and leave the forest at dusk so as not to disturb nocturnal forest dwellers.

Clean up picnics and trash: Remember to bring a trash bag. What you bring is what you take back, no exceptions! Use the furnished rest areas for breaks and picnics.

Dogs: Keep your dog on a leash at all times. Other dog owners and animals will thank you.