Pikes take on Frankfurt for regional championship

The Kaiserslautern Pikes’ stay in the third division of the German Football League will only be for one season. Set up as the No. 1 goal at the beginning of the season, the Pikes secured a place in German Football League 2 with a 28-21 win over Mainz on July 17.

Now, with league promotion already in hand, Kaiserslautern will turn their sights on the Regional Championship, which will be played starting at 3 p.m.  Saturday at Pike Stadion against the Frankfurt Universe. 

“Winning the League Championship and getting promoted were our top two goals, but usually they go hand in hand,” said head coach Jason Nowlin. “However, the GFL officials decided to promote the top two teams from our league, which we
accomplished last week with our win against Mainz.”

In order to win the league, the Pikes will have to get past Frankfurt. The Universe is a club team that was developed from the old Frankfurt Galaxy, an NFL Europe squad that ceased operations in 2007. 

“They have great organization with a terrific fan base. We are anticipating a large contingent of Universe fans for the game, which will create an exciting atmosphere,” Nowlin said. “It should be a lot of fun.”

The success of the 2011 Pikes goes back to January. Players would come in and train twice a week and prepare for the season that wouldn’t start until April, usually training after working a full day at their regular jobs.

“For these guys to give up two evenings during the week to work toward a common goal says a lot about our men,” Nowlin said. “I’m happy that they are being rewarded for their hard work, as they have earned the right to play for the Regional Championship.”

The Kaiserslautern Pikes would like to invite everyone in the KMC to the Regional Championship game at 3 p.m. Saturday at Schulzentrum SÜD, Im Stadtwald, Kaiserslautern.

All military ID cardholders get free admission.

The Pikes have seven current players from the KMC on their roster and would like to have community support at the game:
Brian Watkins – Linebacker
Eric Walton – Running Back
Myron Austin-Safety
Mike Davis – Receiver
Markus Menyfield – Defensive Back
Martin Molock – Defensive Back
Hazim Thomas – Running Back