Plan a romantic outing for two

by Nicole Karsch-Meibom
Contributing writer

Deployment can put a lot of stress on a marriage. But even if your spouse comes home every day, a romantic getaway could be just the right thing to get the spark back into your life. Don’t wait for another Valentine’s Day to roll around. Enjoy Germany now, while it’s at its best.

Spring is in the air, so all you need to do is get going. Many people would suggest something involving a lot of effort, like a trip to Neuschwanstein castle. But actually, spending much time on crowded highways, and queuing up with millions of visitors is far from getting anybody in the love mood. Why not enjoy what is more or less just around the corner?

You could make Kaiserlautern your town of romance. For example, the Japanese Garden in Kaiserslautern is the largest of its kind in all of Germany. Let yourself be seduced by the colors and scents of this unique ocean of flowers in spring. Many Kaiserslautern hotels have special offers for “Kaiserslautern blossoms,” including a visit to the Garden Fair, the Japanese Garden and a Palatinate meal in the traditional “Zum Spinnrädl” restaurant. Alternatively, refresh both your body and soul by getting a private lesson with a shaolin teacher and enjoying a luxury treatment with sauna, anti-stress pool and a steam bath ceremony.

That’s “Kaiserslautern Totally Relaxed,” offered by the Kaiserslautern tourist office. If you want to treat yourself and your loved one, consider this: “Time for Two” means two days filled with champagne breakfast, hours of wellness as well as romantic strolls through the Kaiserslautern flower parks and a carriage ride through the Palatinate Forest. Given that family reasons make an overnight trip impossible, have a nice meal in a local restaurant and enjoy your twosomeness at the Kammgarn International Jazz Festival in May (, the Long Night of Culture in June or the Old Town Festival in July. So, get in touch with the Tourist Information Kaiserslautern (0631-365-2317) or

Outside of Kaiserslautern, a region of romance awaits. With its hundreds of fairytale regions, medieval towns with half-timbered houses and famous wine regions, the countryside around the Rhine and Mosel rivers offers a wide range of opportunities for romantic getaways. The five historical cities of this region, Mainz, Trier, Koblenz, Speyer and Worms, offer sparkling moments:

Just an hour and a half away is the Vulkaneifel, the least densely populated district in Rhineland-Palatine. Its name stems from the volcanos that have left beautiful lakes and stunning landscape. Spending time in these calm surroundings could be just the thing to do for a couple whose busy lives leave little time together. One nice hotel with spa offers is the Landgasthof Michels ( in Schalkenmeeren.

Another wonderful route leads from the Rheinhessen wine area down to the Alsace offering three fabulous days. It starts in Germany’s wine capital Mainz and leads through many picturesque villages, historic sights and even some mediterranean flair areas. Check out the whole tour and many other suggestions at
What would an article on romantic tours be without the stunning and breathtaking Rhine in Flames? On five occasions between May and September the river valley basks in thousands of red Bengal lights and magnificent hilltop firework displays. Find out more information at