Polizei Corner

Last year in Germany, more than 40,000 vehicles were stolen.
According to a statistical survey conducted by the Landstuhl Polizei department in 2010, 98 percent of Americans whose cars were stolen or broken into failed to secure their vehicles properly.

Vehicle thefts and break-ins can be avoided. A safety-conscious attitude and the activation of an anti-theft system can avoid damage and worries.
Always pull your ignition key, even when you are away for only a short moment, like when getting gas.

Only then is the anti-theft device activated. Also remember to let the steering wheel lock click into place.

Always close windows, doors, the trunk, the sunroof and the gas cap ― even if you only move away from the vehicle for a short time.

A locked gas cap makes it difficult for a thief to get gas at no cost.