Polizei step-up alcohol checks for Fasching

During Fasching season there will be an increased number of traffic controls and DUI checks performed by German Polizei.

According to the Westpfalz Police Headquarters in Kaiserslautern, 31 alcohol-related traffic accidents happened during the 2007 Fasching season.

Police officers will request a breathalyzer test if they become suspicious of a driver.
 If the suspect refuses a test, Polizei will take the suspect into custody to have blood drawn. The suspect will pay about €70 if the test is positive.

Depending on the amount of alcohol in the blood, consequences ranges from a fine, confiscation of drivers’ license and a possible lawsuit.

Polizei recommend that people who plan to join Fasching events take a taxi or public transportation. Alcohol can stay in the system until the next day, Polizei said. Therefore, people who drink alcohol during Fasching activities should not drive their vehicles the next day.

Also, motorists are not authorized to drive with a face mask because their visibility and hearing can be impired. If German Polizei stop a driver with a face mask on, they can charge a fine.

If the disguise results in an accident, consequences could be worse. Insurance might not cover the accident due to gross negligence.

(Courtesy of Westpfalz Police Headquarters Kaiserslautern)