Powerlifters prepare for championships

Jen D. Rodriguez
Herald-Post staff writer

***image1***Twenty-three powerlifters competed in the U.S. Forces-Europe Men’s and Women’s Powerlifting Championships February 26 at Patton Barracks gym in Heidelberg, with the Ramstein Rams lifting most of the awards.

The event was a prelude to the U.S. Military National Women’s and Men’s Powerlifting Championships, set for Saturday at Heidelberg’s Patton Barracks.

All European military ID card holders are eligible to compete. The entry fee is $45 and participants must be a member of U.S. Powerlifting Association.

Details: Heidelberg sports office, 373-8032/6460 or 06221-178032.

This is the first time that the national-level competition will be held in Europe.

At the last competition women and men powerlifters competed in three categories: squat, bench press and deadlift, with three attempts in each category.

Ramstein won the team competition, with 11 powerlifters lifting more than 5,400 total kilograms.

Also, the Rams won the women’s division for best lifter, 181 pounds, Kimberly Blaum, 152.5 kilograms total and the men’s division best lifter, 198 pounds Jimmy Scott with a total of 675 kilograms. Blaum and Scott also placed first in their respective divisions.

Heidelberg’s only first place was won by John Gao Ay, with a total
of 447.5 in the 148-pound men’s division.

Darmstadt’s Timothy O’Gorman took second in the men’s 220-pound division with a total of 647.5 kilograms.

Heidelberg also won second in the team category, with Darmstadt at sixth. Darmstadt members of Better Opportunities for Single Servicemembers served as spotters and loaders at the competition.

Lift results are for second- and third-place winners listed in kilograms for squat, bench, deadlift and total:

Women’s Division
148 pounds, Melanie Ramos (Ramstein) 32.5-27.5-60.0=120
181 pounds, Kimberly Blaum (Ramstein) 25-40-87.5=152.5
Men’s Division
148 pounds: John Gao-Ay (Heidelberg) 255-110-182.5=447.5
165 pounds: 1. Horace Yousan (Ramstein) 202.5-152.5-217.5=572.5, 2. Kenyatta Wilson (Ramstein)140.-137.5-175.=452.5.
181 pounds: Samuel Stroman (Ramstein) 175.-142.5-182.5=500.
198 pounds: 1. Jimmy Scott (Ramstein) 232.5-170.-277.5=675, 2. Craig Mason (Ramstein)190.-125.-205.=520, 3. Brandon Hutson (Vicenza) 0.-170.-227.5=397.5.
220 pounds: 1. Troy Saunders (Sembach) 252.5-167.5-247.5=667.5, 2. Timothy O’Gorman (Darmstadt) 222.5-175.5-250.=647.5, 3. Scott Thomas (Heidelberg) 237.5-182.5-227.5=667.5.
242 pounds: 1. Robin Riley (Ramstein) 230.-180.-247.5=657.5, 2. Derrick Baldwin (Ramstein) 210-182.5-205.=597.5, 3. Fred Lehman (Heidelberg) 160-200-210.=570.
275 pounds: 1. Derrick Wilson (Grafenwoehr) 255.-200-272.5=727.5, 2. John Svalina (Grafenwoehr) 182.5-245.-182.5=610, 3. Willie Williams (Ramstein) 200-155.-250=605.