PSD Update: enlisted assignment preference added to virtual MPF

Enlisted Airmen will soon be able to change assignment preferences online through the virtual Military Personnel Flight, as the Air Force continues Personnel Services Delivery Transformation.

As of Sept. 5, enlisted Airmen will become responsible for updating their own assignment preferences online through vMPF.
“This automation streamlines the process,”  said Capt. Jay Johnson, chief of the future operations integration branch at the Air Force Personnel Center. “Airmen will no longer have to visit their Commander’s Support Staff or MPF to update assignment preferences; they’ll be able to do it from their computer at work or home.” 

Airmen wanting to make updates to the assignment preferences will be directed to instructions found in the “Self Service Actions” section of the vMPF.  “Each Airman will be responsible for updating their choices to reflect current desires, and they will need to view the Enlisted Quarterly Assignments Listings frequently to stay current on available assignments,” said Captain Johnson.

For more information on this initiative, contact the Air Force Contact Center at (800) 616-3775 (Option 1,1,2), (210) 565-5000 or DSN 665-5000. (Courtesy of the 435th Mission Support Squadron)