Pulaski exit gate reopens Tuesday

Christine June
415th Base Support Battalion

Drivers exiting Pulaski Barracks soon will no longer have to zigzag their way out through the Vogelweh Commissary parking lot.

Pulaski Gate 3 opens Tuesday after almost six months of construction, completing phase one of the three-phase construction on Pulaski Barracks’ access control points.
“Construction on Pulaski Barracks is a part of an Army force protection initiative that serves to better protect our guards, community members and assets throughout the KMC,” said Jeffrey C. Crisp, 415th Base Support Battalion’s plans and operations officer.

Also a part of the phase one construction is the new access road between Pulaski Gate 11 and the Kid’s Zone. The road is finished but will not open until Gate 11 is completed in December.

“This access road is to minimize congestion of the traffic circle between Pulaski Barracks and Vogelweh,” said James H. Otto, 415th BSB force protection officer. “What we do now is force everything down to that traffic circle to get onto Pulaski Barracks and Vogelweh, and this access road will allow drivers to enter and exit Pulaski without ever having to go through the traffic circle.”

The next phase of the Pulaski construction is the Pulaski Chapel Gate, located to the right of Pulaski Gate 11. This phase has already been started and is scheduled to be completed in June.

Once completed, the Chapel Gate will be used as a contingency gate, designed for massive amounts of traffic in higher force protection levels. Construction on the last phase, Pulaski Gate 11, has already started and will resume in March to be completed in three phases.

The first is construction of two vehicle search areas for privately owned vehicles and trucks which will be to the left in the large field by the current visitors’ sign-in shack.

Phase two consists of building a guard shack in the middle of the road, 100 meters in front of the current one. The last phase is a visitors’ center, which will be to the left of the new guard shack. Mr. Crisp said that the intent is not to close Gate 11 during any of its construction phases.