Q&A: new 435th ABW command chief

***image1***The 435th Air Base Wing has a new command chief, Chief Master Sgt.
David Spector. Chief Spector took a few minutes recently to answer some
questions about his position, his expectations of the enlisted corps at
Ramstein and his leadership philosophy.

KA: What are your expectations of the enlisted corps at Ramstein?
Chief Spector: First and foremost, I expect the enlisted corps to be
professional at all times, both on and off duty.  I expect Airmen
of all ranks to display a strong work ethic because I believe good
old-fashioned hard work is personally and professionally rewarding. A
strong work ethic also has an immediate impact on the entire
organization. If you do a good job, you feel good, your boss is going
to recognize it and the mission is going to be met.

KA: What skills do you bring to Ramstein that will help you as the 435th ABW command chief?
Chief Spector: I bring 24 years of enlisted experience, including 20
years as an enlisted aircrew member and two years as a command chief.
While my focus is no longer strictly operations, I understand the
aircrew training business and all the behind-the-scenes support needed
to complete our mission.

I am an Airman first, a chief second and command chief master sergeant
last. As an enlisted leader, I am here to serve my country and take
care of the enlisted corps while championing the commander’s Top Six
priorities, which are continued support for the warfighter with
emphasis on USAFE’s contributions to the GWOT, complete the Rhein Main
Transition Program construction projects, bring the Kaiserslautern
Military Community Center on line, support Air Force Smart Ops 21 and
look to LEAN our processes and organizations, implement our share of
the AF 40K force reductions, and maintain base appearance to four-star

KA: What is your leadership philosophy?
Chief Spector: It’s simple. You must lead by example. How can I, or any
leader, expect high standards if we’re not out there setting the
example – deploying and passing our fitness exams are just some
examples. I also like to remind the enlisted troops of our core values
– integrity, service and excellence. These three words must be a part
of everything we do.

KA: What are you looking forward to here at Ramstein?
Chief Spector: I am excited about being stationed at Ramstein. While
attending my orientation at HQ USAFE last week, I heard time and time
again about the impressive attitudes and quality people here. I feel
very fortunate to be part of such an outstanding organization and I
can’t wait to meet everyone.

KA: Who were your most influential mentors and what did they teach you?
Chief Spector: My parents had the biggest impact on me by instilling
morals and teaching me that family is so important and comes first.
There have also been several chief master sergeants, both active and
retired, who encouraged me to continue to serve. They mentored me when
I had a lot of thrust and no vector and I intend to share their words
of wisdom with today’s Airmen. I have also been deeply influenced by
several close friends who have managed to keep me grounded and focused
on the important things in life.

KA: What is the most important responsibility of a command chief?
Chief Spector: My number one responsibility is the health, morale and
welfare of our wing’s enlisted force. To achieve this, I’ll listen and
be nonjudgmental until I have all the facts and, most importantly, I’ll
be fair and equitable.

KA: What are your views on Airman welfare and morale?
Chief Spector: That is an easy one and my philosophy is simple. The
success of our mission goes hand in hand with the good morale and
welfare of our Airmen. We cannot get the mission done if we don’t take
care of our Airmen.

KA: What do you do to relax?
Chief Spector: I like to ride my motorcycle. Surprisingly, I achieve a
level of peace when I’m out riding the open road. But I do it safely
and responsibly by making sure I have the proper training and equipment
and I never have a drop of alcohol before I ride.