RACC helps with trail maintenance

On the drizzly morning of March 28, dozens of Germans and Americans from Munich to Kaiserslautern ascended on the small town of Weidenthal, approximately 15 kilometers from Kaiserslautern. Among them were numerous U.S. Air Force and Army members of the Ramstein Area Cycling Club and the Spangdahlem Sabers Cycling Team.

This gathering was the first venture in association with the International Mountain Biking Association to conduct trail maintenance in the local area.

The avid cyclists helped clear and rebuild several neglected trails that will be used by local walking clubs and for the “Sleepless in the Saddle” mountain bike event scheduled later in the year.

The idea to work with the IMBA was the brain child of cycling event promoter Christian Kraemer, an avid outdoorsman wanting to build community relations so the mountain bike event, in its fifth year, would continue for years to come.

The Herbert Bertram, mayor of Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht, along with local media were in attendance and stressed the importance of trail use by all and were impressed with the fact that mountain bikers where bringing trail awareness to the forefront, something other trail users have not done. The mayor personally thanked the U.S. forces members who came out to help.

If interested in finding out more about the local cycling scene, check out the RACC at www.theracc.com.

(Courtesy of the Ramstein Area Cycling Club)