RAMP gives

I was recently at Taco Bell placing an order when I noticed that the workers handling my food were not wearing gloves. In fact, I couldn’t remember ever seeing them wear gloves and decided to ask the manager about it. The manager came out and explained to me that it’s different protocols overseas. He stated that in Europe, Army and Air Forces Exchange Service employees were only required to use hand sanitizer every so often and that was it. I am writing to you to hopefully alleviate the problem. Is this really the protocol for AAFES in Europe? I am in the medical field and simply using “hand sanitizer” when soap, water and gloves are available is ridiculous. Our food should not be made with employees bare hands; it is not sanitary. Anyone out there who has ever obtained a food handlers permit should know this isn’t right.

I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your timely question regarding use of gloves in AAFES restaurants. Recent guidance was issued by the AAFES–EUROPE staff veterinarian instructing all AAFES food operations to implement suitable utensils such as single–use gloves, deli tissue, spatulas, tongs, or dispensing equipment to prevent bare skin handling of ready-to-eat foods. Prior guidance did not require gloves in all restaurant concepts. AAFES follows all local health authority requirements and they are inspected monthly by the Air Force Office of Public Health. As supplies arrive, you’ll quickly see implementation of the glove-use policy. Thanks for your concern and a chance to address this important issue.