Ramping up stamps: postage rates to rise in May

1st Lt. Peter Francik
435th Communications Squadron

Postage rates are on the rise. Beginning May 14, the postage for a one ounce, first-class letter will raise two cents to 41 cents. In addition, the price for a postcard will also increase two cents to 26 cents. Until that day, however, the current postage rates of 39 cents and 24 cents, respectively, will still be in effect.

Although May 14 represents the first day the new rates take effect, the new 41-cent stamps will not be immediately presented for customers to purchase.  At this time, they are not available for APOs to order from USPS, and it is unlikely they will be offered until the current 39-cent stamps in circulation have been used.

In the meantime, Ramstein has stocked approximately 34,000 two-cent stamps to meet customer demand.

“To ensure everyone has a chance to purchase two-cent stamps prior to May 14, customers at the Ramstein Northside Post Office, the Kapaun Post Office and the Sembach Post Office will be limited to purchasing only 50 two-cent stamps per day,” he said.  “Additional locations to purchase stamps are at the base exchanges, shoppettes, billeting offices, and online at www.usps.com.”

In addition to the postage increase, USPS is unveiling the first-ever “Forever” stamp.  Beginning with the new 41-cent rate, the Forever stamp will be sold at the current one ounce, first-class letter rate and will never need additional postage added to it.

“It’s a gesture of goodwill from USPS,” says Senior Master Sgt. Mark Pechman, superintendent of Ramstein’s postal operations. “Customers who opt to purchase these stamps will never have to buy additional one-cent or two-cent stamps should the postage rate increase in the future.”

However, like the new 41-cent stamps, the Forever stamps are unlikely to be available for sale until the 39-cent stamps are gone.

For the most current, up-to-date postage rates, please visit www.usps.com.