Ramstein Airmen help ensure war readiness

Airman 1st Class Mara Title
Air Force News Agency, Det. 4

***image1***With all the added stress that a deployment can bring, it’s good to know the war readiness element staff on Ramstein ensures the equipment you receive has been properly checked. 

Everyone who goes downrange will be issued training gear, along with A, B, and C bags for real-world deployments. “A” bags include a sleeping bag, poncho, mess kit, and a First Aid kit. “B” bags contain items to prepare for cold weather conditions, and “C” bags contain a chemical suit.
“It takes a lot of rotation of stock, it takes a lot of upkeep in the warehouse to make sure what we issue is 100 percent reliable,” said Master Sgt. Stephen Cutlip, war readiness element NCOIC.

It’s this reliability that makes supply so vital to the Air Force completing its mission.

“You have to have the supply personnel ready to be deployed downrange,” Sergeant Cutlip said. “The contractors just can’t do that. There’s no way that they could have enough people, or the capability to deploy downrange.”

Although it’s a tough job, there’s no lack of perseverance coming from the staff.  Senior Airman Rashad Williams said he loves the interaction with the customers and Sergeant Cutlip said he feels blessed to work with such quality Airmen, who manage to keep up with the challenges they face each day.

And the passion these Airmen display ensures that other Airmen here will have what they need when they head downrange.