Ramstein-based Airman earns Bronze Star for efforts in Iraq

***image1***Capt. Timothy McCarty, assigned to HQ U.S. Air Forces in Europe, was recently awarded a Bronze Star for his efforts while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

According to his official citation, Captain McCarty’s efforts as the OIC of the release operations cell played an integral part to peace and stability in Iraq.
Captain McCarty recently shared his award experiences with the KA.

How did you feel when you found out you were to receive the Bronze Star?
I felt honored, as with any decoration; it’s nice to see your superiors recognize hard work and dedication.

What was your role in your deployed location?
I was responsible for the High Value Detainee program, more commonly known as the deck of cards. I coordinated the transfers, releases and interrogations of the remaining HVDs in U.S. custody.

I was also responsible for coordinating all interrogations of detainees, many of which resulted in intelligence that led to the capture of several key insurgents. My team was also responsible for the release of detainees after ensuring a series of checks and balances.. I worked very closely with U.S. government agencies. when it came to the HVDs. Furthermore, I was responsible for managing the detainee population at our U.S. detention facilities.

What were some defining moments of your deployment?
Certainly, my most defining moment was the night I transferred (a high value detainee) to the Iraqi Minister of Justice just hours prior to his execution.
After hearing so much about him over my 18-year career, it was pretty awesome to be part of the task force that held him in some of the tightest security I’ve ever seen and eventually transferred him to have his sentence carried out.

(Compiled by the KA staff)