Ramstein continues ORI prep

Erin Zagursky
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Airmen here are participating this week in the third of a series of operational readiness exercises as the base continues to prepare for this year’s operational readiness inspection.

About 600 Airmen are participating in the exercise, which tests Airmen’s ability to survive and operate in a deployed location. In the scenario, the Airmen must perform a humanitarian mission by moving 900 tons of cargo and 2,000 peacemakers.

In order to play out this scenario, the participating Airmen are exercising both at a location on Ramstein and another in Zweibruecken.

Members of various career fields are participating in the exercise, which began Monday and will end tomorrow.

***image2***“The players braved low temperatures and other real world challenges, so the commanders and personnel had to make intelligent decisions about allocation of resources during the exercise”, said Maj. Jessica Nichol, 86th Airlift Wing Inspections and Evaluations.

Many of the players in this exercise are new. “We had a number of operators swap out since the last ORE,” said Major Nichol. “We have a whole new cast of characters, to include aircrew and maintainers.”  
“I can see a new level of sophistication in the players,” added Lt. Col. Lee-Ann Perkins, 435th Air Base Wing, Inspections and Evaluations.

Members of the 86th and 435th Inspections and Evaluations offices planned the exercise with the help of evaluation team members.
Two more OREs are planned before the inspection in March.