Ramstein DAVA is ready to support families

Photo by Getty Studio/Shutterstock.com

The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic has disrupted routines and infused uncertainty in our community. Ramstein Family Advocacy would like to remind everyone that a Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA) remains available to provide 24/7 telephonic support to individuals who feel unsafe at home. 

For those who are currently in unsafe relationships, additional time spent at home has the potential to increase frequency and severity of abuse. Anyone who feels unsafe at home can contact the DAVA for support and for information about different types of reporting options for domestic abuse.

A victim may choose to make an unrestricted or a restricted report. Unrestricted reports allow the victim to access counseling and advocacy services, obtain a forensic medical investigation, and obtain a military no contact order as well as command and legal support. An unrestricted report triggers an investigation and notice to the offender’s command.

If a victim chooses to make a restricted report, he or she can access counseling and advocacy services without opening a criminal investigation or involving leadership within the command. Restricted reports can only be made to Family Advocacy staff, the DAVA, or mental health and medical providers. Victims can contact the DAVA to discuss their reporting options.

To speak to the DAVA, victims can call the 24/7/365 hotline or contact Ramstein Family Advocacy at 06371-46-2370. In addition to providing private and confidential services, the DAVA provides emotional support, assists with safety planning, and links victims to community resources. If you or someone you know is in an unsafe relationship, contact the DAVA at 0173-628-4624 any time.