Ramstein highlights mission for Ukraine military medics

by Airman 1st Class Kenny Holston
435th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

The 86th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron hosted its Ukraine counterpart on Ramstein Feb. 12 in the latest of visits designed to share medical ideas and tips while continuing to build a partnership between nations.

Several members from the Ukraine Military Medical Unit visited Ramstein to have a closer look at medical operations and procedures. The Ukraine medics received tours and briefings during the three-day visit, giving them the opportunity to participate in a few aeromedical missions and helping them see firsthand how medical units here do business.

“This is the third time we have visited Ramstein,” said Lt. Col. Oleksandr Stoliarenko, Ukrainian military member.” Each time we have been very impressed with how much development has taken place. We are always able to see progression and new techniques being used.”

As touring of different medical units and squadrons continued throughout the visit, several ideas and tips where shared amongst the two nations.

“We had a great time showcasing our many medical capabilities while continuing to build an already great relationship with the Ukraine military,” said Capt. Troy Kinion, 86th AES flight nurse. “During the duration of this visit, we had the opportunity to learn a lot from the Ukraine military.”

The visit also continued to build the relationship and partnership between the two nations.

“We feel we have established a solid relationship with the U.S. Air Force,” Colonel Stoliarenko said. “This is a great thing and is something we would love to continue. Operations at Ramstein are very proficient. They work hard and at a high level.”
In an attempt to show several different aspects of the Ramstein medical mission, visits to the 435th Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility and Aeromedical missions on the flightline were also a part of the tour.

“It’s nice to have been exposed to all the different medical operations that go on here,” the colonel said. “The volume of operations at Ramstein is extreme but necessary. The vast medical capabilities are amazing.”

To round out the visit, Ukraine military members flew on a C-130 aeromedical mission to observe and learn different procedures.

“As this visit continued throughout the week, we realized no matter where we come from, taking care of the patient is always everyone’s first priority,” Captain Kinion said.
While medical operations for each country vary due to volume and situations, members of the 86th AES said they were glad to take part in the visit.

“It was great to share our experience with another country,” said Master Sgt. Carlos Rodriguez, 86th AES training flight chief. “We hope they learned as much from us as we did from them. This visit has showed us all we are not very different when it comes to taking care of patients.”