Ramstein is test base for AF One-Stop Kiosk

Staff Sgt. M. Davis
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Ramstein serves as a test base for the new Air Force One-Stop Kiosk. The kiosk is an Air Force Accounting and Finance Office endeavor enhancing customer service by providing an alternative to visiting base customer service offices and supporting personnel without computer access, said 1st Lt. Lisa Scott, Financial Analyst with the 435th Comptroller Squadron and kiosk base project manager.
Kiosks in the KMC are located to serve the large transient population currently moving through the area.
“This allows people who are relocating, deploying or flying Space-Available – to access Virtual MPF, MyPay and other programs,” she said. “It really helps people who don’t have access to a computer to get the information they need.”
Five kiosks are strategically placed within the KMC at the Ramstein Passenger Terminal, Ramstein Northside Lodging Office, Rhein-Main Passenger Terminal, Sembach Lodging Office and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.
“The AF One-Stop Kiosk is an Air Force Customer Service Transformation initiative,” said 1st Lt. Alan Copeland, chief of the Command Pay and Entitlements Section, U.S. Air Forces in Europe Financial Management Office and USAFE kiosk representative. “Installation at Ramstein, Lackland, Sheppard, Goodfellow, Wright-Patterson and Eglin Air Force Bases is the first phase of a three-phase installation plan designed to improve the quality of life and enhance mission readiness of military personnel.”
According to Lieutenant Copeland, the Air Force has made tremendous investments over the last several years developing Web sites that deliver information and services. However, people without Internet access at home or at work do not have access to essential information unless they can physically visit an on-base customer service office. The system helps keep people on the move connected with their vital information.
The kiosk, produced by DynaTouch Corporation, produces similar information systems for other Department of Defense organizations, said Paul Lillie, DynaTouch Corporation systems specialist.
“The system we developed is one of many we’ve created for DOD. This kiosk helps people do various things by linking up to various Air Force and local Web sites,” Mr. Lillie said. “People can also look up information about the local area as well.”
Some local information links includes: spouse employment, schools, housing, family support centers, currency conversion calculator and various other topics for people transitioning in the area. The machine can also print information, forms and maps for travelers.
There is virtually no operation down time for the machine. When the kiosk becomes inoperable, the main computer hub in San Antonio stops receiving information from the unit and informs the kiosk manager.
“If the kiosk is off line for any reason, we will know about it and be able to fix the problem quickly,” said Lieutenant Scott. This can be a tremendous help to approximately 150,000 people who come through the Ramstein Passenger Terminal per year, said 1st Lt. Chris Esoldo, 723rd Air Mobility Command Ramstein Passenger Terminal officer in charge of passenger service.
“We have a lot of people who ask what the machine is for, so I tell them to check it out,” said Lieutenant Elsoldo, who also tried the kiosk. “It’s easy to use, accessible and provides links to sites like MyPay and vMPF.”
For questions about the AF One-Stop Kiosk, call, 480-9205.