Ramstein lifter repeats as ‘strongest man,’ Kaiserslautern lifter grabs best female title

Christine June
U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern

Lifting more than seven times his actual body weight, Ramstein’s Shannon Carter repeated as “the strongest man” capturing the Overall Male Lifter title for the second year in a row Dec. 16 at the U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern’s Power Lifting Meet at the gym on Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

“I thank God for the fact that I came here and I had enough strength to do what I had to do,” said Carter.

He was in the 82.5 kg or 181.90 lbs male weight class and heaved a total of 670 kg or 1,477.08 lbs to retain his title from last year’s tournament.

***image1***In her very first tournament, Kaiserslautern’s Regina Simpson lifted a total of 282.5 kilograms or 622.80 pounds to win the Overall Female Lifter title.
“I didn’t realize how strong I was,” said Simpson, who also took first place in the 67.5 kg or 148.80 lbs female weight class. “I’m excited; I feel really good about it.”

There were nine lifters competing in five weight categories in three rounds of squat, bench press and dead lift events.

Ramstein’s other lifter, Bryant Merafuentes, lifted a total of 490 kg or 1,080.30 pounds to take second place in the 100 kg or 220.50 lbs male weight class. Kaiserslautern’s other lifter, Lars Nymbach lifted a total of 447.5 kg or 986.60 lbs to take third place in the 82.5 kg or 181.90 lbs male weight class.

Spangdahlem was represented by two lifters. Troy Saunders, formerly of Sembach, lifted a total of 660 kg or 1,455.04 lbs to take the title of the 90 kg or 198.40 lbs male weight class. Justin Usery lifted a total of 540 kg or 1,190.50 pounds to take second place in the 82.5 kg or 181.90 lbs weight class.

Sole lifters from Darmstadt and Mannheim grabbed their respective weight class titles. Darmstadt’s Tim O’Gorman lifted 652.5 kg or 1,438.50 lbs in the 100 kg or 220.50 lbs male weight class. Mannheim’s Scott Thomas grabbed the 110 kg or 242.5 lbs male weight class title with a total lift weight of 645 kg or 1,421.97 lbs.

The next power lifting tournament is March 3 at Patch Barracks Gym in Stuttgart. For details, call 430-7136.

Lift Results

Lift results are for first- to third-place winners for squat, bench, dead lift and total:

Weight class 67.5 kg (women’s):
1. Simpson – 100 kg; 80 kg; 102.5 kg = 282.5 kg or 622.80 lbs.

Weight class 82.5 kg (male):
1. Carter – 237.5 kg; 190 kg; 242.5 kg = 670 kg or 1,477.08 lbs.
2. Spangdahlem’s Justin Usery – 182.5 kg; 137.5 kg; 220 kg = 540 kg or 1,190.50 lbs.
3. Kaiserslautern’s Lars Nymbach – 150 kg; 137.5 kg; 160 kg = 447.5 kg or 986.60 lbs.

Weight class 90 kg (male):
Spangdahlem’s Troy Saunders – 240 kg; 170 kg; 250 kg = 660 kg or 1, 455.04 lbs.

Weight class 100 kg (male):
1. O’Gorman – 227.5 kg; 182.5 kg; 242.5 kg = 652.5 kg or 1,438.50 lbs.
2. Ramstein’s Bryant Merafuentes – 155 kg; 135 kg; 200 kg = 490 kg or 1, 080.30 lbs.

Weight class 110 kg (male):
Thomas – 227.5 kg; 175 kg; 242.5 kg = 645 kg or 1, 421.97 lbs.