Ramstein Officers’ Spouses Club scholarship winners

by Tracy Swift
Ramstein Officers’ Spouses Club

Photo by Nichole Gonzalez Scholarship recipients pose for a photo recently after a scholarship ceremony was held at the Galaxy Theater on Ramstein.
Photo by Nichole Gonzalez
Scholarship recipients pose for a photo recently after a scholarship ceremony was held at the Galaxy Theater on Ramstein.

It’s not every day that $109,750 is awarded in scholarships to students and spouses from the KMC. Seventy-five recipients were awarded scholarships during a ceremony held recently at the Galaxy Theater on Ramstein.

The scholarships were awarded by the KMC Scholarship Committee, a joint committee from the three spouses clubs that serve the KMC: Ramstein Officers’ Spouses Club, Kaiserslautern Landstuhl Spouses’ Association, and Ramstein Enlisted Spouses’ Association.

The clubs combined funds to award deserving high school students attending KMC high schools and to military spouses or Department of Defense civilians living and working in the KMC. Each applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to be eligible for a scholarship. This year, 110 applications were received — the highest amount ever! Fifty-eight high school seniors received scholarships totaling $84,750. Seventeen spouses were awarded scholarships totaling $25,000. The amount granted per student this year ranged from $250 to $8,000.

The committee chose from an impressive group of applicants — 26 of the high school seniors had greater than a 4.0 GPA. The eligible applicants are judged on scholarship, volunteerism, extracurricular activities and paid employment. The top high school recipient was Vincent Falls and the top spouse recipient was Perla Hopkins.

“It is great the way our sister organizations can work together and give so much back to the community,” said ROSC president Cheryl Price. “For the ROSC, the money donated comes directly from the Ramstein Welfare Bazaar. ROSC is proud to support so many individuals who are pursuing their education and personal goals to achieve higher success. The smiles on the faces of the recipients as they learned how much they were awarded was priceless.”

ROSC has planed, organized and executed the Ramstein Welfare Bazaar for the past 48 years to benefit the KMC. Each year, a significant portion of the bazaar’s proceeds goes toward KMC scholarships. Funds for scholarships were also contributed by RESA and KLSA.

Their donations are funded by proceeds from the thrift shops around the KMC and other fundraisers.

High school category recipients:
Olivia Morris, Justin Sesten, Tara Murphy, Katherine Colemon, Tyree Hunter, Paul Michitsch, Erik Robinson, Michael Lawson, Christopher Jastrab, Sadullah Cakolli, Ryan Parkinson, Jana Cain, Austin Meyer, Jessica MCGrew, Jessica Zaugg, Emily Kreiler, Allison Grady, Venice Arreola, Kedric Lemon, Brittney Swetmon, Brittany Grady, Kelsey Freeman, Joshua Wallworth, Jacqueline Biacco, Casey Prestipino, Madison Dillard, Tonje Lunde, Rebekah Lahue, Andi Abel, Kira Rahn, Lauren Codina, Breanne Burlison, Allison Adams, Catherine Sullivan, Danielle Holland, Brie Scott, Anthony Giljum, Kalynn Richardson, Kelsey Stuhn, Alexis Vermeire, Sasha Walker, Jessica Williams, Mason Price, Jacqueline John-Morton, Katherine Gartner, Anna Priddy, Addison Ptomey, Jessica Bermudez, Aryan von Eicken, Kate Hamilton, Tabitha Sellers, Anna Griffin, Meghan Augsburger, Brittany Hughes, George Hyde, Sarah Szybist, Katie Henderson and Vincent Falls.

Spouse category winners:
Gemmel Bagley, Emilia Cortez-Janes, Avril Featherstone, Diana Gonzalez, Sarah Philpot, Shannon Amato, Michelle Baldwin, Sarah Berger, Perla Brito, Jill Lindberg, Sharon Wilt, Anne Woodley, Susan Kelly, Hillary Cangelosi, Amy Morrissette, Janine Nabity and Perla Hopkins

The 2013 Ramstein Welfare Bazaar committee has already begun planning for this year’s bazaar, which will take place from Sept. 12 to 15.

A portion of the proceeds from the Ramstein Welfare Bazaar helps to fund the scholarships. The bazaar committee is accepting applications for volunteers at their website, www.ramsteinbazaar.org. You can also “like” them on Facebook at Ramstein Welfare Bazaar.

For more information about applying for the 2014 KMC scholarship, visit ROSC online at www.ramsteinosc.org, KLSA at www.klsagrapevine.org or RESA at www.resa-rab.com.