Ramstein Rogues take rugby victory

***image1***The RAF Ramstein Rogues Rugby Football Club defeated the Eintracht-Frankfurt Rugby Club 22-15 this past Saturday at their home pitch in Queidersbach.

Earlier in the season the Eintracht side defeated the Rogues club, but the home field advantage helped turn the tide and contribute to an RAF Ramstein victory, according to Al Cagle, Rogues chairman.

Because both sides were plagued with injuries, all substitutions were used to the maximum to ensure an even number of players (fifteen).  

Scoring first for the Rogues was Graham Cass, UK club captain, who also scored again later. Following suit were Brad Walters and Kenny Swetnam.  

Kicking the only successful conversion point was Randy Gruspe. Eintract was unable to make the points after their tries on any kicks.  

The Man of the Match award was given to Ramstein’s Rico Colon, who was a force to be reckoned with, according to Cagle. He used great tackling skills, open field running, and occasional mauling with the ball to help contribute to the victory. Colon also gained much yardage offensively, which also helped the Rogues’ winning efforts. (Story submitted by RAF Ramstein Rogues FC)