Ramstein Skate Park closed – KMC commander advises, warns on safety rules

Brig. Gen. Rosanne Bailey
435th Air Base Wing Commander

I was out driving around the base and as I often do, I stopped by the Ramstein Skate Park. I closed the skate park for a week after I noticed that very few people were wearing the appropriate safety gear. A number of users were in the park, but only one had all the required safety gear on.
One person had everything except a helmet, but he was resting, not on his board. Four people had no equipment at all and were actively using the various elements in the park. Several others came out at that point with helmets on their heads, but most without the chin straps fastened and no other gear.
Clearly listed as the number one rule for the skate park is the requirement to wear helmets, and protective gear for knees, elbows and wrists. In addition, there was trash from drinks and snack foods all over the park.
I will close the park for a week every time I see folks using it without the right safety gear. What that means is those who use the park and want to continue to have it open will have to start policing themselves and enforcing the rules on their friends. This goes for wearing the right gear properly and for keeping the trash picked up. This is a great park, but we can’t compromise safety, and if the users of it can’t—or won’t—follow the rules, it will close. The choice is yours.