Ramstein stays unbeaten in golf, looking ahead to Euros

Ramstein’s Ben Todman tied for the lead with Wiesbaden’s Clayton Shenk, but finished second to Shenk because of the tiebreaker. They have established themselves as the two best American high school golfers in Europe.

by Robert Baldwin
contributing writer

It took a tie breaker to decide the boys champion a rainy, cold and sloppy four-team golf match in Wiesbaden between the host Warriors, Ramstein, Vilseck and Kaiserslautern on Sept. 26. The Royals won the event with 114 points, followed by Wiesbaden with 95. Kaiserslautern was third.
In a previous duel at the Ramstein course, the Royals’ Ben Todman edged Wiesbaden’s Clayton Shenk by a point and Ramstein teammate Chris Angeles by two. This time, in the rematch, Shenk and Todman tied, but Shenk took the title because of the tiebreaker. In order to break a tie, the score on the highest handicapped (hardest) hole is used. They tied on the two hardest holes, so the scores on the third hardest hole were used, and Shenk was a stroke better on that hole. Both golfers had 34 points with Angeles a point back. Kaiserslautern’s Matthias Perrin tied for sixth.
“Chris has never played as well as he is playing the last two weeks,” said Ramstein Coach Nathan Brewster. “We are going to need him to keep it up at the Euros.” Todman, Shenk and Angeles will continue their rivalry at the European championships on Oct. 9 and 10 in Wiesbaden.
Vilseck’s Anniston Fees won the girl’s competition, six points behind Todman and Shenk.