Ramstein students cook up a storm

Story and photo by Hayley Thompson
Ramstein High School

Culinary arts is a program at Ramstein High School that attracts many students. The class offers the instruction and practice needed to become a quality cook in the kitchen.

Taught by Chef Larry Prine, the class is highly focused on the development of fundamental cooking skills as well as having fun. Prine is a more than a qualified teacher to fill the position of chef. He comes to Ramstein with more than 20 years of teaching experience, 12 of those years have been dedicated to teaching students the art of cooking.

Prine knows that the students come to the culinary class for more than just a textbook instruction, that “what students want to do is hands on practice. They don’t want to just read about it in a book, they want to go and make it.”

The class in general is extremely beneficial to the students, the community and the faculty at Ramstein High School.

“One of the most important aspects of the class is that the class teaches life skills that the students can use for the rest of their lives,” Prine said.

The culinary class largely benefits the students. Students in the culinary class love the experience that they are being given.

“Since I grew up in restaurants and since I enjoy working in restaurants this class is really fun. The class has also made me more popular since we cook such good food,” said Taylor Nuckolls, a junior at Ramstein High school.

The culinary class also benefits the community as well. Since he started teaching at Ramstein, Prine has reached out to several of the local volunteer programs such as the Fisher House. Every so often, the class will make dishes to take to the Fisher House to give those who live there a delicious meal.

Prine not only reaches out to volunteer programs, but the faculty and staff of Ramstein High School as well. He invites a handful of faculty from the high school over to his house once a month to learn how to cook.

“The teachers love to do it. By the time we sit down to eat dessert it is almost 11 p.m. because we just have so much fun,” he said when asked about the faculty cooking lessons.

Prine pours himself into all aspects of the class in order to guarantee that the students get the education they deserve.

“Teaching this class is not just my job, it has become my life,” he said.
The class is a two-period class at Ramstein High School. Nuckolls calls the class, “three hours of eating, cooking and having fun.”

Culinary Arts I and Culinary Arts II are two-period classes at Ramstein that take place on opposite days. Culinary Arts I is for first-year students and takes place during the R6-R7 block period. Culinary Arts II is for second-year students and takes place during the B1-B2 block period.

Are you a high school student interested in taking the culinary class at Ramstein High School? For more information on the program, call 06371-47-6951.