Ramstein teen invited to Keystone conference

by Jennifer Uhing
86th Services Marketing assistant

For the first time, 86th Services Youth Programs has been invited to be represented at the annual Keystone National Conference Steering Committee in Pittsburgh, Pa., from Sept. 18 to 20.

Ramstein Keystone member Amaya Hamilton and adviser Stan Cindrity have been invited by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to attend.

“I am honored to represent the Department of Defense and Ramstein Youth Programs at this year’s 2010 National Keystone Conference Steering Committee,” Mr. Cindrity said. “This is an exciting opportunity to include our youth in the decision making process that will ultimately affect thousands of teens worldwide. I am very proud of Amaya Hamilton, Ramstein’s 2009-2010 Youth of the Year, and would like to thank 86th Services Youth Programs leadership for their support, particularly Danielle Kline, Sally Fuller and Dorothy Choate.”

The 2010 Keystone National Conference will be held March 12 to 15 in Pittsburgh. The Keystone Club is a national service and leadership organization within the Boys & Girls Club of America. This premier program is for teenagers age 14 to 18 and is designed to create and maintain high standards of character, leadership, citizenship, health and education in order for teenagers to grow into responsible, productive adults.

Keystone Club members initiate and organize local and national community outreach programs.

One of the biggest events in the Keystone Club is traveling to a Keystone conference. The opportunity to visit a new city, meet other teens and be part of something greater than themselves can give a club member inspiration that will last a lifetime.

The 2009 Keystone Conference was held in Atlanta and 26 Keystone Club members represented KMC youth programs. This 2009 conference marked the seventh consecutive year that Ramstein programs have been in attendance.

Last year’s conference had different themes and guest speakers. Beginning with a Thursday kickoff, events included a roll call and a dance party with musician Bow Wow. Friday included the focus “Be Successful” with guest speakers Robbie Bach and Judge Glenda Hatchett. Saturday included the focus “Be Active” with Mario Lopez leading a great workout and various community service projects. The conference concluded in grand fashion with the Keystone awards dinner and a great night of “Evening of the Stars.”

The Keystone Club sends Ms. Hamilton and Mr. Cindrity off to help plan the 2010 Keystone National Conference in Pittsburgh knowing the KMC is well represented. For more information on the Keystone Club or the 2010 National Conference, call 480-6444.