Ramstein’s karate team places at regionals

by Master Sgt. Dutch Farinas
Contributing Writer

The Hoitsugan-Kyokai Ramstein-Miesenbach karate team hooked a third and two fifth-place positions at the 2007 Rheinland-Pfalz all karate regional tournament in Trier.

This was a good start for this year for the Hoitsugan Karate Team, said Sensei Dutch Farinas, Hoitsugan-Kyokai Karate School Instructor and Funikoshi Shotokan Karate Association German National Team coach. 

***image1***Despite each member’s last competition dating nine years ago, the team surprised themselves with their achievements after only two months of preparation.

Mik Ryan, a second degree black belt, took third place at the Master Class Division. Devoe Donaldson, the only brown belt who competed in the all-black belt division, took fifth place. In the Senior Master Class Division Terence Taylor, first degree black belt, took third place in his first tournament.

The Rheinland-Pfalz all karate regional tournament is one of Germany’s prestigious tournaments; the tournament highlights competition winners from European and German national tournaments. The regional tournament is also the qualifier for the German National Tournament held in October in Munich.

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