Red Cross keeps you informed

by Senior Airman Whitney Stork
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The American Red Cross provides support to service members and their families stateside and overseas.

Ramstein’s Red Cross responds to emergencies and disasters that happen to Department of Defense members or their families no matter where they are located. The organization relies on donations and volunteers to continue to provide the services they do.

The American Red Cross has been working with the military since 1905 in emergency response and has solely relied on donations and volunteers to make what they do possible. The association provides emergency contact service to all DOD identification card holders stateside, overseas and in deployed locations.

“Ninety-six percent of our organization is made up of volunteers,” said Emily Hayes, American Red Cross assistant station manager. “The majority of what gets done is by them and we are more than grateful to have them.”

Volunteers help with everything from donating money, items, blood or going to other organizations where their skills can be properly utilized.

“All of our volunteers go through an orientation class after they fill out the application and pass the background check to make sure they are being placed properly,” said Gymmy Harris, American Red Cross outreach coordinator. “We have an international department as well that responds to international disasters and they have their own staff and volunteers to send wherever they are needed.”

The organization started working with the Wounded Warriors Project in October 2011. The WWP volunteers currently supply a transitional care package to wounded members in Djibouti, Kuwait and Afghanistan. The kits are put together in Florida by volunteers and sent overseas to military members who were wounded and in need of new clothes, toiletries, and other basic essential

“I’ve been here since October working with the Wounded Warrior Project,” said Ron Jefferson, American Red Cross outreach coordinator. “It’s an honor to help them through transition. I always try to find new and fun things to make it interesting. There is always something different for them to do that matches the reason for their transition.”

This agency offers countless services to the military and community to prevent and alleviate suffering in the face of emergencies by utilizing their strong network of volunteers, donors and partners.

To contribute to this organization contact the American Red Cross at 478-2171 for further information on how to volunteer and donate items.